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Jabber for Windows 9.1 - planned features roadmap


I would like to know what the planned features are for J4W v9.1.  I see in the support community that people are asking different questions regarding functionality, and the response is often that it on the roadmap, sort term or long term.

I, too, am looking to see what future features are expected as we embark on a decision between Lync and Jabber.  I am interested to know if Jabber will support multiple chats in separate windows.  Currently, Jabber will "cascade" or "tab" multiple chats in the same chat window.  It would be nice to be able to separate the chats into separate windows and be able to read/respond to them without changing to make a chat tab active.  The CUPC 8.x version did allow for the "tab drag" feature in the chat window to separate the IM sessions.

Also, Lync currently has the capability of adding distribution lists as contacts and dynamically updating the distribution list.  I would like to know if that will come to Jabber.

Lync also has the capability of "expert search".  Since Jabber also has the capability of searching active directory, I assume that it could also search AD for additional information the same the Lync does.

Knowing the future short and long term functionality of Jabber would be very helpful in our decision making.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Arras V. Martin

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This is actually one of the things I noticed about 9.2.4 update I just installed. The previous versions had the feature.

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