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Jabber for Windows 9.2.2 (3271) lost contact pictures


I upgraded to v9.2.2 (from an earlier 9.2) and all of my contact photos went away.  Our photos are stored in AD and I did clear the local client photo cache.  What gives?

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Hi Timothy,

I was trying to setup contact photos with Jabber for Windows 9.2.2 (using UDS, photos stored in a web server) and it was not working.

I was thinking that it was something related to localization but after reading your post I tried an earlier version (9.1.5) and photos were showing properly, so it seems to be a bug in this version. Also in 9.2.3, where it doesn't work either.

Do you know if it is a documented bug? I had a look to the bug toolkit and found nothing about it.



I also upgraded to 9.2.3 and still have the same issue.  I'm forced to leave the rest of the organization on earlier versions until this is fixed.  I haven't had a chance to open a support case yet, but if you figure it out, let me know.  I'll do the same.


Hi Timothy,

I've installed Jabber in a new laptop and I can see photos right now.

It's same Jabber version, same user and the only difference I can see, apart from being a new laptop, is that the Operating System is 64 bits...

If you want to give it a try... Maybe a new installation where Jabber was never before fixes the issue for you too. I know that this is not a great solution but maybe it can help us know where the problem is.

I'll do a bit more testing with my colleagues and let you know if I find out anything else

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