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Simon Battye

Jabber for Windows auto populating user and domain



I recently installed a fresh version of Jabber for Windows 11.1 on a customer's PC and found that the client auto populated the login details with the windows username and domain.

In addition to auto-populating these details, i never had the option to enter the email address for the client to pick up the actual username and domain.

I've attempted to uninstall the client, delete all Jabber cache but the same thing happens again.

The problem is, the windows domain it is picking up is not the UC domain i am using within CUCM/IMP but the username is OK.


Is there any way i can prevent this auto-lookup happening?


Thanks, Simon

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

I just took a look at the release notes, and this is not reported as a new feature or change in this version.  Therefore, something else must be in play that we haven't considered.

Are you deploying this in an on-prem or cloud (webex) environment?

Are you 100% positive this user did not already have Jabber installed prior?

Are you 100% positive your Jabber MSI was not modified with Orca to include the domain?

Also, I just downloaded Jabber 11.1 straight from and built a Windows 7 virtual machine brand new to try this out, and this is how my Jabber started up. (asking for user@domain) NOTE: You can see the version 11.1 in the screenshot as well.


Ahmed Adeyemi

Where you able to resolve this issue. I am currently running into the same thing but the unfortunate part is that i don't have access to the PC having this issue. I am walking a user through uninstalling Jabber and deleting the files but i know the user is not following the steps i provided.


I have recently resolved an issue similar to this with TAC. Although, not sure if root cause is the same.

Auto-population was due to UPN Discovery being enabled from AD server.

UPN cannot be disabled for Jabber from the jabber-config.xml. This is being looked into by Cisco and is related to bug ID: CSCuu99864

You must uninstall and reinstall Jabber from Windows cmd using the following command: 

msiexec.exe /i CiscoJabberSetup.msi UPN_DISCOVERY_ENABLED=false CLEAR=1

Thanks Michael. That was the command i actually told the user to try but he is reluctant to try it. I will see if i can get someone to go down to his PC and try it rather than chasing my tail. 

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