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Jabber for Windows - Chat Window Screen Pop


I don't seem to see any way to configure the Jabber client so that the chat window pops up in front on a new chat (or any chat for that matter). I see where I can set it to play sounds when chats are received, but not actually pop up.

We had problems with CUPC as well, where it would pop up, but behind any open windows (kind of useless). This has been one of our biggest complaints from users.

Is there a way to do this and if not, is it on the roadmap?




What versions of CUMC And CUPS are required to get this working?

There is no CUCM/CUP dependency for this feature.


I'm currently running version 11.5.0 Build 26858 and this issue still has not been resolved.

4 years+ and still not resolved?

On a side note... How can the issue in this thread be marked as answered if it has not been released into a production version?

Just wondering if this issue is ever going to be resolved. 

4 years+ and still in development???

Currently running version 11.5.0 Build 26858

We're disappointed to hear that it's not in 9.1, per Scott's comment below. Is Cisco still planning on rolling this feature out? Also hoping ad-hoc (non AD) will make it soon.


Just downloaded and installed Jabber 9.0.(4) for windows, still no option to bring chats to the front of the screen. Because of this and the inability to add non AD contacts, we are continuing to delay the release of Jabber for Windows out to our users. Patiently waiting

Marcus Burks

I have users that are looking for this feature to.  When this feature is released my Director of IT will feel better about pushing jabber out to the company.


We also need this feature. In our test environment, multiple times people have missed chat messages because the notification is too subtle. The sooner we can get this, the better.

My users want the option to bring the chat window to the front for any new chats not just a new chat with someone you are not chatting with unless I am not understanding the feature here.


Although  even that isn't what I want.. that's only new chat windows. I want it to the  front on new chat messages to existing windows

An option setting for bringing all new chat windows to the front of all other windows is on the backlog but has not yet been committed for any release.


Hi Mark,
this is an old one - but is there any progress on this subject as it's still not implemented - or am I wrong?

Hi there


To my knowledge not yet. You have notifications/alert though. No window screen pop up.



Hope this Helps


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geoff bricker

Just installed 9.1 and I cant really see any feature updates, and this above features still not mentioned. Any updates on this? Also, is there a way to get our hands on a BETA release or are these strictly not given out? This is becoming a feature that is causing a lot of issues with missed chats, especially since the imAlert.wav cannot be replaced.



Just wondering when the update will be provided so new chat's/messages notifcations can alert the user via blinking /windows new focus popout?  I have jabber 9.1.3, build 13181.  thank you

My Company also needs this option. We are looking at deploying Jabber Enterprise wide but a couple of areas require immediate notification of incoming IM's

Can we get an update on how far out this is? it would help tremendously in our rollout testing and planning

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