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Jabber for Windows - Chat Window Screen Pop

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I don't seem to see any way to configure the Jabber client so that the chat window pops up in front on a new chat (or any chat for that matter). I see where I can set it to play sounds when chats are received, but not actually pop up.

We had problems with CUPC as well, where it would pop up, but behind any open windows (kind of useless). This has been one of our biggest complaints from users.

Is there a way to do this and if not, is it on the roadmap?



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We have just introduced Jabber to the project here, and its of no use at all without popups, what were Cisco thinking? the only option of warning is to play sound, and that's not practical in the corporate arena, and reading this thread + 2 years long, it rather looks like the product is a dead in terms of usefulness, so we will have to look for something better. What a waste of development effort, Jabber cant do the most essential feature of communications, get someone's attention.. basics.


Andre Toms
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Take a look here:


Looks like it is comming in version 10.5

thank you for the update!

It's July 29, 2016 - things appear better, but still not up to par with SuperToast for Lync (aka Skype for Business).  I'd like to see Cisco improve the Jabber client so that there are additional options:

  • Allow incoming message notifications remain onscreen until dismissed.
  • Allow a more prominent message to appear in the center of the screen (where the "primary monitor" is in multimonitor scenarios) after a user-adjustable delay (don't always want it centered immediately, so a delay here is helpful).  So, if a message comes in and I don't see it in the corner, it appears in the middle of the screen in front so I don't miss it. It should also remain on-screen so that if my screen is locked and I am away, it's waiting for me when I come back to my system and unlock it.
  • Allow the user to specify which corner the initial notification popup appears.  Jabber defaults to top-right, Skype and others use bottom-right.  Users should be able to adjust this.

If there is already a way to accomplish any of the above, please share how to do so.  Otherwise, I'd love Cisco to make these features visible and standard in the UI for us to have.


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The screen "Options" setup is 2 years old and so far they are not available yet. Any chance that they will really happen? I really need the "Bring new chat windows to the front" or something like "Bring new messages to the front" (better)  

As today with version 10.5 just the icon flashing on the taskbar nobody see if the taskbar is hidden.

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I'm using Version Build 306553 and I don't see any option like this available now, has it been removed?

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