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Jabber for windows client losing connection settings

Hello all,

     After recently upgrading quite a few clients to 11.0.1, a seemingly random few of them occasionally lose their connection settings.  We have them set to Cisco IM & Presence, and the Login server is set to "Use the following server" with the CUPS IP address.  So when this happens, these two settings change on their own to an Automatic account type and the Login server IP address changes to our CUCM publisher IP.  In our Jabber-Config.xml file I have the PresenceServerAddress set to the CUPS IP address.  I have no idea why or how the client settings are being changed.  Does anyone have any ideas?



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Is there any particular

Is there any particular reason why you are hardsetting these IPs within your jabber-confg.xml file, rather than have SRV  records take care of presence server discovery?

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Hi Dennis,     Thanks for the

Hi Dennis,

     Thanks for the reply.  I was putting it in the xml file in an attempt to not have to manually configure each client for account type and login server.  I wasn't sure if the xml file was the best way to do that or not so I'm really just experimenting.  What I'm trying to accomplish is to be able to just install the software and have the user sign in without having to go into advanced settings and select the Cisco IM & Presence, and Use the following server options.  Would creating SRV records accomplish that?


Joe did you ever figure this

Joe did you ever figure this out? I am trying to do the same where users just sign into jabber without going into advanced settings.


Hi navialhon, no, I never did

Hi navailhon, no, I never did.  Sorry.  If you figure it out, please let me know!  Thanks.


Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the quick response. Will do. I am trying to figure it out now.


I found this

I found this

I set it up but when I go to sign in I get "cannot communicate with the server" error


That's not generally a good

That's not generally a good thing.  I think this is probably something I'll have to try on a weekend so it can be taken out if it screws anything up.

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