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Simon Battye

Jabber for Windows - Dialling URI's


I've been testing integration between CUCM 10 and VCS X8.1 with a view to achive bi-directional alphanumeric URI dialling between the two.

So far ive been able to set up the 'standard' intergration with VCS and CUCM, and i have the folowing working:

  • Dialling from JfW to video endpoint registered to VCS using E.164
  • Dialling from video endpoint registered with VCS to JfW using DN
  • Dialling from video endpoint registered with VCS to JfW using URI

What i can't seem to be able to do is dial from JfW either using E.164@domain or name@domain; E.164@video-domain gives me the option to make a call but doesn't do anything, whereas endpoint@video-domain doesn't give me an option to call at all, it's as if the client is only searching the directory.

I've created a SIP Route Pattern based on the video domain and associated with the VCS SIP Trunk but i'm not sure if i need to make this more generic i.e. *.com; as i will want to attempt to dial external URI's using Expressway once i can dial normal endpoint on their URI's.

Other Info:

  • Using JfW 9.6
  • SIP URI Dialling enabled in Jabber Config XML


Christian Drefke

Hi Simon,

not sure if you checked these already but there are pretty good written guides about implementation of Expressway with CUCM.

In your case I would suggest the ENUM Dialing and CUCM via SIP Trunk Deploymend guides. I was able to make a setup with these guides in a PoC installation.

Kind regards,



I am facing the same issue. We open Tac case with our parthner.

The answer we have from Tac is that Jabber for Windows 9.6 doesn't support external URI dial out.

Internal URI dial out is working Jabber to Jabber.

We are waitting from R/D to kmow if Windows for Jabber 9.7 will support this feature.

For your  information the external URI dial out is working with other type of devices like EX-90,SX,C-Series and Profiles registered in a CUCM.

Best Regards


Thanks Jose,

Will be interesting to see what response you get on this.

Regards, Simon


As a difrect result of this community thread I have asked our Jabber Windows and Mac Documentation writers to improve the Install and Config guide to ensure that enablement of SIP URI Dialling for both internal and external calls is much clearer.


This Thread provides a clear explanation I think


Appreciate you taking the time to highlight this issue



I'm not able to dial URIs from a Jabber windows client yet I have no problems dialing them from EX60s or DX80s.  I can dial numeric DNs just not anything alphanumeric.  I'm running IMP 10.52 with the latest jabber client.  Do I still need the Jabb-config.xml for that to work on windows?


Damien, Access Denied on that link.

I saw in another post that the URI dialing in Jabber 9.6 requires CUCM 9.1.2

Which is your CUCM version Jose?

PD: I tested the JfW9.6 with CUCM 9.1.1 and the URI didn´t worked.


Attached you'll find a working config file that allowed us to use URI dialing from MAC and Windows jabber clients. Steps:


1) Download jabber client from Cisco; MAC: version 9.6; Windows: version 9.7

2) Upload the jabber-config.xml to CUCM(s); CUCM system version:

3) Restart TFTP services on CUCM(s)

4) Start jabber client; option to dial is visible when using URI




Hi Jose,

thanks for the info. Just to be sure, are you saying that you can make URI calls on internal network? For example, can you call skinny IP phone with Directory URI defined from your J4W?

Hi Guys


I'm the Jabber for Windows Product Manager here in Cisco. I'm like to confirm that Jabber for Windows (and the other Jabber clients since Release 9.6 offering SIP URI Dialing) DO fully support dialling of any SIP URI destination either inside or outside your Enterprise. I'm working to correct the misdirection you have received from TAC, (which they probably got from our product team)

If you type a valid SIP URI which will be recognized by CUCM in the Jabber Search/Call input then you will be presented with the option to call the SIP URI. A valid SIP URI format is username@domain with the domain portion being at least 2 characters. - e.g. myexternalcontact@co

If you have this external SIP URI stored as a Contact in your Outlook Address Book or with 9.7 as a Custom Contact (using CUCM IM/P -CUP) then that can be dialled also.

I'll do a bit more investigation to see if there is additional CUCM SIP URI configuration that is inhibiting external SIP URI call capability.

When you type an external SIP URI into Jabber call window do you get prompted with the prompt directly under this to Call and the outbound call is placed (and fails) or does this Call prompt not appear at all ?

- I've attached an image of this from my own client.


thanks, Damien




I am using WebEx Messenger with Jabber 9.7 for Windows and the latest 9.6 beta for Mac. Both clients are suppose to support URI dialing internally and externally but I do not get the Call option after entering a valid URI. Should this work when using WebEx Messenger with the clients I just listed? URI dialing from my 10.0.1 CUCM does seem to be working as I can URI dial from a DX650 just fine. Any ideas?




I suspect you need to make the Jabber config file changes described on this thread. Can you let me know if that worked ok?



Yes configuring the jabber-config.xml file and uploading to CUCM fixed the issue for both Mac and Windows clients. Is there an Option to enable Collaboration Edge functionality in the client as well? I didn't see one in the installation guide.



Did you ever find out if there is something in CUCM that inhibits this?  I opened a tac case and was told it wasn't supported so waiting to hear back on this thread before i open another one.  I do not get the ability to call when typing in anything of the format that isn't on CUCM.  


See attached picture and xml file.

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