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KJ Johnson

Jabber for windows getting unregistered intermittently on Win 7

Jabber 9.6.1 getting unregistered in softphone mode
Jabber 9.2.6 does not experience the same issue.

At the time of the disconnect, RTMT shows:

EndPointUnregistered - An endpoint has unregistered Device name:<DEVICE NAME> Device IP address:<IP ADDRESS> Protocol:SIP Device type:503 Device description:<DEVICE DESCRIPTION> Reason Code:13

System Error Messages for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.0(1)

Reason Code:13: KeepAliveTimeout - A KeepAlive message was not received. Possible causes include device power outage, network power outage, network configuration error, network delay, packet drops, and packet corruption. It is also possible to get this error if the Unified CM node is experiencing high CPU usage. Verify that the device is powered up and operating, verify that there is network connectivity between the device and Unified CM, and verify the CPU utilization is in the safe range (you can monitor this via the CPU Pegging Alert in RTMT).


This occurs on a wireless connection and a physical connection. TAC believes that the issue is with the LAN based on the reason code.  However, this does not occur in Jabber 9.2.6.



Dennis Mink

Can you set up a continuous ping to the server the "softphone" is connected to (HELP>connection status) and see if your pings drop at the same time as when you devices gets unregistered.?

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I is isolated to one laptop. Even if I am in the office on the same segment it does this. I captured the session with Wireshark and it shows that the Jabber client unintentionally resets the connection. I got a TAC case open for that.


I will keep you posted

Here is an update to the current case:

After testing and debugging which software or driver could interfere, we found out that the culprit is Kaspersky Antivirus

The issue showed with the Softphone only. Voicemail, Chat etc. were all working great. Sniffer traces showed an intentional "reset" of the current SIP TCP connection. CUCM in turn unregistered the Jabber softphone. The client still was allowing to place a call which of course did not go anywhere because CUCM showed the device as unregistered. Looking into the connection status shows "connected" on the client, CUCM showed unregistered. There was no error message in any way.

We also tested CIPC in SIP mode and a 3rd party SIP softphone but these were rock solid. Adding CiscoJabber.exe to trusted applications did not help. Switching off protection entirely did not solve the issue. It seems that the presence of the installed filter driver of Kaspersky alone was enough to cause this issue. After uninstalling the Antivirus Jabber runs solid.

Cisco has the facts and is working on it




Hi Patrick,

we encountered the same problems and as you wrote only unistallaling Kaspersky solves the issue.

We did now also open a TAC to get this problem solved.

Could you provide your case number so we could refererence it? Did you get an Bug ID?

kind regards


Good to hear that I am not alone with this issue.

I actually closed the ticket two weeks ago, because it seems to be a combined problem between HW, Jabber and Kaspersky. I have just 2 Laptops showing the issue and we simply used another AntiVirus to keep the user running.

I was able to reproduce the issue in a W10 VM (VMware Workstation) as well if the VM was created on the Laptop which shows the issue. If the W10 VM system was created on another HW-platform the problem does not show. The TAC case # is:  634022583

Good luck and keep us posted if there is some outcome


Has this ever been resolved? I have a similar issue with an install under W8.1. After the 120 sec KeepAliveTimeout the CSF device is showing deregistered in CUCM but Jabber still thinks it is registered and allows to dial. This of course will fail because CUCM has it marked unregistered. A fresh W8.1 install works, so I assume that this is an issue with this specific PC.

IM is working flawlessly

Sergey Lubenkov

I've  had the same issue on ver. 9-2-4 and it looks like it's gone in ver.10.6


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