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Rene Charbonneau

Jabber for Windows / iPhone - issue with photo and search

Dear community,

I have an issue regarding Cisco Jabber for Windows as well as iPhone & iPad.

I recently upgraded our Call Manager infrastructure from 8.6.5 to 10.0. Along with that, I wanted to rollout the new Jabber for Windows (9.7.2) because now we use a very old version (9.2.1).

After I upgraded my test client, I noticed that the user photos (which are retrieved from active directory) were gone.

So for the first time, I decided to modify the the jabber-config.xml (I attatched the two different versions).

I used the jabber config generator to create the new version:

My attempt is to achive these goals:

1) I want one config file which is working with Jabber for Windows, iPhone & iPad, Android as well as Jabber for Mac

2) I want a secure connection from the client to our directory server

3) I want to retrieve the user photos from the active directory user (attribute thumbnailPhoto)

4) Jabber should find only users which are a member of the active directory group "example" (example is a nested group which contains several users and at least _one_ other group). Until now, the whole active directory was searched for users/contacts.


So far, 1) and 2) seems to work fine. 3) and 4) are the troublemakers and I really don't no why.


Can somebody help me?


Best regards,

Rene Charbonneau

Okay, now it works at least for Jabber for Windows.

First of all, I had to remove _all_ directory specific configuration from the jabber-config.xml!

Then I had to revise the "Service Profile Configuration" in CUCM.

After I unchecked "Use UDS for Contact Resolution" everything worked like a charm.

I will try to find out if I can solve this for Jabber for iPhone/Android/Mac as well.


Okay, I've got it working.


Look at this thread. You can find the answer there.

First I had to uncheck "Use UDS for Contact Resolution" and then I had to create a new jabber-config.xml and upload it to the TFTP server.


But there are a few limitations you have to deal with. But I have mentioned that in the other thread.

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