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jabber forcibly using ldap for contact resolution

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Level 1

Company A & B just got merged and now have a data link in place for private networks either side to communicate to each other. I am getting Jabber 4 windows client in Company B network/domain to register to Company A's CUCM & IMP. Did Jabber install with UPN disabled to avoid SRV lookup of so we can enter credentials for Comp A user. No problems there and jabber client logs in fine with Comp A's CUCM end user.... phone services, voicemail, etc. working without any issues.


Contact resolution won't work. CSF device (when connected in Company B network/domain) is trying to use LDAP by looking for Company B DC server. CSF device is configured to use UDS in Comp A's CUCM service profile so it uses it for contact resolution. When this CSF device is in Comp A's network/domain it use UDS for contact resolution without any problem. Only when it's in Comp-B's network/domain it's as if it would forcibly use DC servers from Comp B's domain for contact resolution ...  We want it to use UDS as specified in Comp A's CUCM service profile.  


Any suggestions why Jabber may be doing so?

and if any setting that can prevent jabber from looking up Comp B's DC server for contact resolution ..  

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Leonardo Santana


So basically you need that all Jabbers devices use Company A for contact resolution?


Leonardo Santana

Leonardo Santana

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Correct...Don't necessarily need all but the select few use Company A for contact resolution. 

Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Jabber doesn't switch from LDAP to UDS or viceversa on the fly (MRA being the exception), nor they are used as a fallback for the other option if it's not available.


I'd carefully review all my config, the .xml and the service profile, someone recently found that Jabber was using the .xml over the service profile when that should not happen.

If everything is fine, you want to review a PRT and/or open a TAC case to have this looked at.



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Thanks for the reply Jaime .. 


have double checked my config .. below is the directory specific part of the XML I'm using on this CSF


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<config version="1.0">


On service profile under the Directory profile section, no Directory (LDAP) server is selected and 'Use UDS for contact resolution' is enabled. That's what got me that if I'm specifying UDS in the XML as well as service profile then how come client forcibly goes LDAP when connected in Company B domain ... As soon as you login with this CSF on Company A domain/network, it uses UDS without any issues ... Only in Company B domain is where Jabber won't look outside of that domain for contact resolution ... 


I will raise a TAC with PRT as you pointed out and share my findings. Thank you.