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Jabber IM for iPhone

Recently installed Jabber IM for iPhone on a 4S running iOS 5.0.1.

Within the Notifications section, the settings are: Notification Center ON / Show 5 recent itmes / Alert Style = Alert / Badge App ON / Sounds ON/ View in Lock Screen ON

It appears everything is set correctly.

I'm experiencing the following three issues:

1) The Alert only displays if the phone screen is active, has not dimmed or locked.  There is no Notification if the screen is locked, like one receives with texts or emails.

2) There is no option I can find to alter the default "ping" assocaited when I new Jabber chat is received.  While volume can be set to high, if the iphone is in a holster or using the program in a crowded environment or outdoors, its almost impossible to hear.  There also doesn't seem to be a continuous reminder option

3) When status is manually changed, there is a significant time lag before the updates status is displayed on the phone, people on the system will see that the status was changed but it still dispalys the previous status for awhile, or until the screen is switched to another and then returned.

Does anyone have any guidance on these issues.

Md Hasan
Cisco Employee

1) If you scroll down on notification you'll see 'View in Lock Screen'. Set it to ON

2) Notification sound is controlled by default iPhone sound

3) If there is not deply showing status on the phone, most likely its a network delay, but I have seen sometimes delay caused within ccm, in case the pub sub are on different geographical location

I appreciate the response.  I understand 2 and 3.

I'm having an issue with 1) as you mention in Settings/Notification/Jabber IM/ the "View in Lock Screen" is set to ON.

Notification Center = ON

Show = 5

Alert = Alerts

Badge = ON

Sounds = ON

View in Lock Screen = ON

I've deleted and reinstalled but still no Alert is displayed when the screen is dark (unlocked) or dark (locked).

Could I be missing something else?


I found many similar thread on apple forum for any apps. I would highly recommed testing this behavior with other installed apps from notification to isolate if this in issue with iOS or with jabber. Jabber just pushes the notification, its iOS that makes it happen. Unfortunately, didn't find a single solution to this issue. (It is six months old, but may still be valid)

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