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clark white

Jabber Incoming Call


Whenever an incoming call comes in jabber i get only 2 option answer and reject, i dont get any option such as reply with chat, i have seen a demo video where they have shown a incoming call coming where the users decline with a chat message instead of direct reject.


Cesar Ortega

To do that (chat response), you need integration with Cisco Unified Presence, that is your case?

If you have just the Call Manager service then this behavior is normal.

Hello, Cesar,

I have a cisco unified presence server also with CUCM , can you guide me how can it be done.



Anybody has expierience this issue, pls share with me.


For this to work, Jabber must be able to find a user that matches the calling number as-is or post-transformation using a Directory Lookup Rule. Note that this is an LDAP/UDS query, not a local search of your contact list!

Here's how it works:

  1. Incoming call received with ANI of 1234
  2. If a Directory Lookup Rule XML file exists, Jabber applies any matching transformation rules.
  3. Jabber queries the configured directory source for any accounts with a phone number of 1234
    1. If wildcard searches are enabled in the jabber-config.xml file it actually searches for *1234* (i.e. contains)
    2. If alternate phone number lookups are enabled, it also searches the mobile, home phone, etc. fields. Be sure these are indexed to avoid a significant performance hit on your LDAP servers.
  4. The directory source returns any matching records. Jabber uses the configured username attribute to build a URI (e.g. username@presence.domain) and searches IM&P for a valid user. If one is found it shows the chat button in toast. It also replaces the caller ID from CUCM with whatever it got from LDAP.
    1. If more than one record is returned, Jabber will use whichever one is in the first position. Since this is unpredictable/random, be sure that phone numbers are unique to each user account in LDAP.

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My jabber are working with default config.xml file, now to achieve the above what are the steps i have to take,

can you guide me through the procedure to achieve the above.


Hello Clark,

alternatively you could use the "Phone Number Mask" parameter in the Jabber Config XML file. See chapter "Phone Masks" in this document for more specific information:

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