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Jabber iOS unregistered within a minute


Hi all,


I'm sorry if this question is already answered before. I couldn't find the same/similar question answered so far.


I have an issue with our Jabber app installed on iOS, where device unregisters within a minute or two if not used.

Phone settings are OK, notifications are enabled, as well as badges and sounds. This randomly happened and it's affecting all our iOS phones with Jabber app installed.  

Once Jabber app is re-opened, phone registers to CUCM and it's working just fine. As soon as Jabber app is closed or phone locked, it unregisters from CUCM very soon.

I've tried resetting Jabber app, reinstalling, re-adding TCT device, nothing helps.


Please let me know if you have any advise.

Thank you



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Not expecting help from the community, just sharing some background information for (unregistered) people that might also be affected by this. Might save them some hours of troubleshooting.


We've blocked the update to JM 14.1.2 through our EMM to buy us some time and we opened a TAC case.


Anyone knows if there is still a way for us customers to get our hands on beta versions of Jabber mobile? Back in the days we could get our hands on beta versions of new Jabber versions through the EFTs and Testflight which at least gave us a few weeks ahead to prepare for what is about to hit production. 

Thanks for your support and opinion guys

Hi Dave,


Can't agree more.


We are a small setup (yacht with 100+ IP phones in total) and our internet connection is often VSAT, which generates up to 1s latency and if there's a rain, due to rain fade, possibly no internet connection at all. This is why we need local push notification rather than APNS.


I've found a device that haven't been used for a while with a Jabber 14.1.1 version and it's working just fine, which I guess we can confirm, due to changes applied to 14.1.2 version, it's a Jabber application to blame.

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