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Jabber Mobile Disconnects When Changing Networks

Hey Everyone,


My apologies if this has been answered before; however, I am having an issue where Jabber for IOS or Android will disconnect when you move from one network to another.  For example, if I am connected to wifi on my IOS device the status is connected and when my extension is dialed Jabber will ring.  If I disconnect or leave my wifi and switch to the mobile network and do not make the Jabber app active (Foreground) on my device no calls will come through if my extension is dialed.  As soon as I bring the app to the foreground then it will re-establish its connection and start receiving calls again. If I leave the app is the background but open the calls stop coming through upon network change. 


Anyone experiencing this?  Any resolution?



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Ammar Saood
have you read documents about APN push notifications for IM & Calls?
what cucm and IOS version are you using ??


My CUCM Version is and my IOS jabber version is 11.9.1.  I have not read anything regarding APN Push notification but I will try to dig something up now that you mentioned it. 

I found this article which should resolve my issue.  I will give it a shot and let you know of the results.


Hi Daniel,

did you manage to this issue using the push notification feature?

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