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Jabber MRA call out don not have audio and video


       I   client for andorid can login in the Jabber.

      it can IM and CUCM services.but the jabber call out not have audio and video.

     My CUCM version is 10.5,EXPC and EXPE version is 8.1 

     the EXPE configured dual NIC ( Internal and External).

     the External not enable IPv4 static NAT mode.

     so I want to someone can help me .

     Thanks lot.!!!


You need to enable Ipv4 static NAT. This required for expressway to work correctly and this is most likely where your issue is..

You need to have Expressway-E's public IP address in the 'IPv4 static NAT address' setting and restart the Expressway. This is required so that expwe will set the payload of the sip invite to have the correct C= (for media ip address).

The reason for this is that for this solution to work properly, you need to enable static NAT mode on expressway. This is because traditional firewalls can only modify the ip headers in a sip/h323 packets leaving the Payload/SDP portion unchanged. This implies that when an INVITE is sent to the firewall facing the internet, the source ip ie from header will be modified to use the NATed ip address of your expressway e, however the media ip address which is usually in the SDP will remain unchanged, hence the endpoints on the internet cant connect to this address leaving you with one way audio issues. This issue is resolved by enabling static nat mode on expressway. The expressway will send its INVITE or h323 setup to firewall with the media address in the payload as the NATed ip address of expwe..

Once static NAT is enabled with the NATed ip address of expwe, it will request all signaling and media traffic to be sent to this static NAT ip address. This also means that the traversal client (expwc) must send traffic on this ip address. Hence the need to configure the traversal client with the public ip address of the expwe.

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Hello Ayodeji:

    I enable the EXPE IPv4 static NAT.

    But no have audio .




Is there a firewall in the path between the Expressway-C and Expressway-E Internal NIC?

Have you ensured that the proper UDP ports are opened between the Expressway-E and Internet. You can review page 29 for the exact range.



Hello Paul:

      Expressway-C and Expressway-E Internal NIC maybe no firewall.




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Could you please explain what you mean in more detail?

When is Expw-e only listening on a specific Interface for traversal communication?

As far as I understood the Communication in 2 Interface Setups should be from expwc to the internal facing NIC of expwe which bridges the traffic to the outfacing NIC on which static NAT is enabled.

Yes you are correct. Expressway-C will talk to expwe on the internal interface for a two interface setup. You can use the following commands on expwe/c to see which interface and ports its listening on..

netstat -apn | grep 7400 (for xmpp traffic between e and c)

netstat -apn | grep 7001(for sip traversal zone signalling)

netstat -apn | grep 5061(for TLS to internet)

Back to the issue. Did you restart expwe after configuring the ipv4 static nat. Did you configure the public ip of expwe here?

Can we diagnostics logs?



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I did restart Expressway-E and the static NAT is set up using the public IP on the outfacing Interface. Which specific logs do you want to see?

We need Expw-C and Expw-E diagnostics logs  (network level and interworking log set to debug and b2bua log level to debug)

Jabber logs too..

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I've found the issue, it was a single typo.

Thanks for helping getting a better understanding of the situation anyway.

Can you also send us diagnostics logs from both expressways. You should set diagnostics logs to debug, then do a test call and attach the logs here

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