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jabber MRA Jitter / packet loss issue

One of our client recently started issue with cisco jabber MRA jitter issue.

If call from Cisco jabber MRA call to Internal office, MRA side jitter issue can be heard but internal phone side no jitter issue.

If call from Cisco jabber MRA call to external PSTN call to landline or mobile, then also jitter problem for MRA jabber side but not on PSTN side

If call from Cisco jabber MRA call to .Cisco jabber MRA call then there is jitter problem on both .


After check ctlr+shift+S on jabber windows i found in the receiving side there is packet loss.

also from wireshark I can see wrong sequence issue.

what could be the reason? there are two firewalls in between


The path is like this: 
Jabber MRA > Fortigate > Cisco ASA > Exp-E > Nexus > ServerFarn Sw > EXP C


I can find mostly MRA side packet loss happening... 


what could be the reason? This happens for all jabber MRA calls in MRA side. 


Please find the attached screen shot of jabber client statistics and wireshark.


Client is not facing problem with microsoft teams, zoom call etc . only facing this issue with jabber MRA calls.


expressways are 8.11.4 version.

CUCM 11.5



"The other applications are probably not related to the issue at hand, and should not be brought into your troubleshooting scope."


Agreed on this. but what im telling zoom calls, microsoft teams calls are all voip calls right? all are passing through same internet traffic. 

they are all working without any packet drop except jabber. if there is congestion then  it should affect  for MS teams and Zoom calls as well right .. thats my question. All these calls not passing through expressway too.


Expressway server status seems ok and normal. i check ESXi network interface. cannot see any kind of high utilization there as well.

Zoom calls, unless you are using (SIP calling) are Internet calls and will not go via Expressway, but via ports 80 and 443.  MS Teams also uses port 443/80 and is a Web call. 

Jabber MRA calls are SIP calls.  They traverse Expressway.  This is the reason we are all suggesting you look at that call path in detail to look for the source of the packet loss.  Please review the posts offering information as to where to look in Expressway as a start.

Why this problem only for jabber MRA and not with microsoft teams, zoom call etc


Although MRA calls use internet as well as Microsoft teams and zoom there is a difference how these solutions work. MRA connects the end users directly to your infrastructure, while as Microsoft and zoom connect the end users to Microsoft and zoom clouds. so in one case the internet peering (Microsoft/Zoom) is between the users and the respective Microsoft/Zoom cloud,  however in MRA the peering is between the User and your Corporate network where you host the expressway pair.


So taking this in account this if you have any internet problems either on the corporate network or the the users home environment this will generate issues with MRA devices.



we found out from wireshark pcap of perimeter firewall there was no loss of RTP packets for incoming and outgoing packets. That shows after packets sending from perimeter firewall there is some issue. that is, issue is between perimeter WAN and end user.. that is from the ISP side..


ISP is investigating this issue from their side.. ill update once they found any thing.

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