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Jabber over VPN

I work from home and am connected to the corporate VPN using Microsoft RRAS.  When connected I am able to connect to the Presence server and chat with people already on my contact list.  I am not able to seard the directory of available users nor do I get any pictures downloaded to my Jabber client.  I am on version 9.2.

Anothe piece of info is tha our main network is 10.7.x.x while our voice network is 10.9.x.x.  I am able to access all devices on the 10.9 network while on the VPN. 

Any ideas?                  

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Jabber over VPN

I your machine you are using domain joined to the same domain as the corporate network?


Jabber over VPN

The machine is not connected to the domain.

Jabber over VPN

There is a config file that you must add. It is located under user/appdata/cisco/unified communications/jabber/csf/config

The file is called jabber-config-user.xml

You need to add that file with approprate info in order for it to get that info.

Jabber over VPN

The file should contain the following info. The password is saved in plain text. But the user account tied to this only has to be a simple user with read access to the directory. You only need to fill in the parts in ()

- -false-(Name or IP address)3890sAMAccountName( Base)telephoneNumber

Save this in a XML file called jabber-config-user.xml

You will need to close jabber completly and add the file then restart and you should be good to go.


Re: Jabber over VPN

Not sure I understand what this will do.  Also, does this go under /local or /roaming?  I do not have a config folder under /local but do under /roaming.  The jabber-config.xml file is under /roaming.

Also, I assume I remove the ()?

Jabber over VPN

Sorry Roaming. yes and remove the ().

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