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Jabber presence visibility

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My company uses jabber as an internal IM.

I would like it, if on a web-page, the presence state of the people mentioned on the page, is visible.

Currently there is an icon next to a persons name, that when clicked, opens Jabber conversation with that person.

I would like to alter the icon, based on the presence state.

I don't actually control the web-server or pages, in fact I only inject JavaScript inside certain web-pages.

It's called a userscript.

I don't want to get involved in receiving or sending Jabber messages, they can use their client for that. I don't want the page to act upon presence status changes either.

So, I would like the page in the browser of someone using my script, to just collect the presence status of the people mentioned in the page.

I would not want to put my own user-name and password in the script to connect to the presence server, since the script is in clear text.

The page is coming from a web-server that knows/authenticates us, as we are part of the windows domain,

The PC also has a logged in Jabber client.

Is there a simple way to get just the presence of a number of people, at the time we load the page?

I have downloaded the sample code

Jabber IM and Presence jabberwerx.ui Sample App

which goes way beyond the simple thing I want to achive, but unfortunately I'm not yet able to make it connect to my jabber server.

We don't seem to have a BOSH url and things work here on the standard XMPP port 5222.

Thanks for any advise,


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DevNet is probably the best place for support with Jabber Web SDK:

Hi thlamber

Thanks for your reply but it appears the link you provide cannot be found.

I think you wanted to send me here: