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Jabber screensharing with video endpoint

Dear All,

I am unable to share screen from jabber with any video endpoint ( sx80, IX5000, SRK etc) but the same is working from video endpoint to jabber.

Both jabber and video endpoint are registered to cucm 11.5.

Jabber version: 12.6

I would like know if this is working as designed.

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Re: Jabber screensharing with video endpoint

Both items need BFCP enabled in their SIP profiles, and Jabber needs BFCP sharing enabled in its configuration. Jabber can certainly share a content channel with video endpoints, and vice-versa.


Some items have the ability to mix content or other inputs into the main video channel, Jabber does not. That could account for what you are observing.


Re: Jabber screensharing with video endpoint


Re: Jabber screensharing with video endpoint

Thank you for response, Adam.

I have BFCP enabled under SIP profile and the same is selected for both of these endpoints, but it is still same.

Screen sharing button is greyed out.

jabber to jabber is working fine.

jabber to video unit is not working.

am i hitting a bug by any chance.

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Re: Jabber screensharing with video endpoint

if it is greyed out then Jabber doesn't believe BFCP is available in the SDP.  I don't know about bugs, TAC may help narrow it down further but, if BFCP is enabled in the profiles and configurations of both devices in the UCM, past that both devices need to be willing to deal with it.


<EnableBFCPVideoDesktopShare>true</EnableBFCPVideoDesktopShare> in Jabber's config and the video endpoint would have to be configured for it, regional bandwidth would have to allow it if that's a thing. That would be the trunk/profile to the video endpoint.


As I can't use the non-video desktop share in my environment, I can't say for sure if that means you're using BFCP there and not the other RDP type method.

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