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Jabber Status Not Updating

Hello, we're running Jabber for Windows 10.6.4 on Win7, with CUPS We have noticed that sometimes when a watched user's PC is shutdown, their status on some (not all) clients still shows as Available (this can also happen when the Jabber process is ended in Task manager). The CUPS Prescence Viewer always shows the correct status of the Jabber client.


Because CUPS is always showing the correct status, is this an issue with the watching clients rather than the one that has been terminated? Has anyone seen this behaviour or can suggest any troubleshooting hints?




Rolando Valenzuela

I'm not following, what do you mean with watching clients?

Are you sure there is no other instances of that profile? (cellphone, other pc, ect)

Rolando Valenzuela.

This issue affects various users where occasionally, after they have shutdown their PCs for the evening, some of their colleagues still see them as Available.


So I just did a test. My colleagues have me in their watch-lists on their Jabber client, and I am logged into the Jabber client on my PC (I am not running Jabber anwhere else). I then use Windows Task Manager to kill my Jabber client and sometimes (more than 1 in 10) my status as seen by my colleagues still says Available even though I now have no Jabber running, and the Presence Viewer on our CUPS shows me a Unavailable (correct).


It seems no problem with watcher. You might need to reset your jabber and try.

At server level, you can assign affected user to different node. If that doesn't help, restart Cisco Presence Engine service.

If affected user and watchers are in different clusters, you can try restarting Cisco Intercluster Sync Agent service.

We have a single CUCM cluster and only one CUPS, which I'll look at restarting it out of hours.



I have similar issue, our Cisco Jabber version is 11.0.01 I have one user that status always stays Available even when she's log out of her compute or away. 

Things I have done:

* Reset settings to default

* Toggle the Status from Available to Away 

Please advise.

Thank you,

Same issue here - always shows Available. I'm on 11.9.3. The calendar items show up just fine when I click the Meetings icon, and the Desk phone box pops up when I pick up the phone. But it always shows Available next to the name at the top. I can see other users' correct status.
Did you ever figure this one out?

Just touching base jmacabinlar1 - Ever get this solved? Thx

Did anyone ever find a resolution to this?  We're running CUCM 12 and IM&P 12 with Jabber 12 clients, and I'm seeing this for multiple users.

 I have same issue  any solution ? 


Rene Mueller

We do have the same problem with Jabber 10.6 and 11.5 and Presence 10.5 Cluster. And we had the same issue with Presence 8.6.4.

I have to logout/login to jabber again to get the correct status. I can also see, that somtimes the status between jabber and outlook booble is different. Sound like the same/similar problem.


 I always have an issue with the it shows me as always available and I cannot manually change my status. I have uninstalled, re installed and reset .. nothing seems to changed. This is definitely a bug for some users. 

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