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Jabber - User Offline, Unable to change Status

Paul Porlier

I have a Jabber user that has someone gone "Offline" and I am unable to change the status back to anything; they are able to see everyone and chat but others users cannot see him.

  • This was version 9; I updated him to ver 10.6.2 - no change.
  • Uninstalled, removed AppData Folders, removed all traces in registry, reinstalled -no change.
  • PC is running windows 8.

Any suggestions would be great...


What does the connection status dialog in Jabber show for an error?

When you say "other users cannot see him" do you mean they see him as offline or that he doesn't even appear in their contact list or search results? If the later, does this user still appear within IM&P Administration as assigned to a presence cluster node?

Is the offline behavior reproducable on another computer for the same user? If not, have you used the CLEAR=1 installer switch when reinstalling? 

The connection status dialog does not show an error.

The user is shown as offline, he can be searched and a chat window can be opened; they are in the search results.

I ran the command:
msiexec.exe /i CiscoJabberSetup.msi CLEAR=1

It completed a reinstall, I had to re-enter the settings to connect but no change; user is still marked as offline and he cannot change the status.


So now this gets even more confusing; I logged into Jabber on his PC and profile - worked fine...
Logged out, logged him back in and still showing offline and unable change anything.

Any further progress on this? We're having the same issue.


Similar issue on ver 10.5.0.  User sees themselves as off line grey and can't change even though they can chat fine with others and see others status correctly.  

I think the one thing different is that others can see user correctly with presence status of green.

I'm hoping your fix will also fix mine.

Marcus Burks

I am having this same issue. Any updates? 


Came across this issue in our environment.  User can login, but status shows offline and they are unable to change their status.  Reset/Reinstall jabber had no effect.  This appears to have been a server-side issue for us; in the end we had to unassign the affected users from the presence server, then reassign them.  After that their login was successful and status was available.


We suspect their may have been some issues with a mass deletion, and then reimport of our users from LDAP.  We're running CUCM/IM&P 11.5.1.

Any update to this issue?

I am having the same issue on version 12.5

User is set up identical to everyone else in our department!


We had the same kind of problem with some users : they could log in to Cisco Jabber, status from IM&P server was set to available though it appeared offline to other users. Reading you post, I tried assigning this user to the other IM&P server and it directly solved the problem for all users.


Looks like this has done some refresh on the IM&P servers but I could not explain much.

We are running IM&P cluster with Cisco Jabber clients 11.6. 

I'm wondering if we do not have some IM&P database problem as we sometimes have strange problems, but we are upon migrating to a new IM&P cluster 11.5.1 which hopefully will get rid of this.




Had the same issue with one Agent.  Agent logged out of Jabber,  In cucm under end user configuration, unchecked saved and rechecked saved, and Agent logged in user status was Available and able to change the status.


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