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Jabber user usage report

Hello Community.


I know this topic has come up many times with the need for reporting to demonstrate jabber adoption.
I can see RTMT can show "Current connect Jabber Clients", but you would have to keep RTMT running 24x7 to see the long term trend.

I have heard “Cisco Prime Collaboration 11.0 Assurance and Analytics" probably has the ability to do analytics and generating some kind of usage report, but haven't tried.

Has anyone used it before, and confirm if it's capable to do so? Can you share a screenshot of the report?
And is there any third party tools can do this long term Jabber Clients usage reporting?

Thanks in advance to any feedback.



Hi Roger,


Apologies for late response, Now i can see jabber tab in analytics but how management can trust this data ? 

I guess this doesn't provide complete information like Active user details or Call details which made from jabber .






My layman's understanding of it, is that Cisco collects (and has for quite some time) telemetry data from Jabber clients that don't have telemetry disabled. It collects only anonymous nuggets, but one of the keys is the telemetry ID. I believe the prior guideline on configuring it was to use something like "com.yourcompany" , probably because it helped sort the data. It now uses the org ID for your org in control hub to show you the data.
Cisco made a good effort to show that this data is either anonymized or sufficiently grey that it doesn't need to be. When the client takes an action (send a message, make a call) it sends a beacon and that's all you get.
For further details you'd need some other solution such as a CDR reporting tool, or something that polls and monitors registration state of the device to either the UCM (easier) or IMP (not at all fun). On the latter part I'm not sure that Teams or TMM buys you any thing regarding number of IM users if they aren't doing anything with the client.
Give the data 24-48 hours to parse out, then it should be relatively accurate as long as you understand it's active clients, and a counter of actions taken by these clients. User X can make a call from CSF and send 5 messages from a TAB and it's 1 call , 5 messages , and 2 clients .

We would like to enable this in our system also but I am not familiar with the process to use the Jabber Config xml file or where to change this in the webUI.  We are on 12.5 so would prefer to use the WebUI to make the changes.  The Cisco What's New from January 2020 also mentions that this has to be enabled in CM first but didn't see instructions there either.


Can someone post the instructions for making the changes in the WebUI to enable this?


Thank you,


Here you go.


You will need to look at what settings you have in your XML file and asses if they are still valid. Best way to do that is to look at the matching parameter reference document for your version of Jabber. One example is this that is for 12.9. Once you know what parameters you want to keep you need to configure them in the UC service type for Jabber Client Configuration. Once that's done you tie this UC service to your service profile(s). When your done with this you can remove the actual XML file from your TFTP server.


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Roger - This is really helpful, looking to adjust this in the next maintenance window - just seeking information, on the cert requirement as I am not following why the need for GoDaddy cert in such where does it need to be installed, how to obtain this and is it truly needed. Note, we are using webex formerly (webex teams).

"You must install the following root certificate to use the telemetry feature: GoDaddy Class 2 Certification Authority Root Certificate. The telemetry server certificate name is "". To resolve any warnings about this certificate name, install the required GoDaddy certificate. For more information about certificates, see the Planning Guide." 




AFAIK the certificate(s) needed are already present in CUCM trust store. We did not have to add any certs when we enabled this functionality.

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Thank you for the quick answer. It looks like we don't have this cert in CUCM trust store, I would assume we can enable this feature wait for the client to complain then capture the cert and install it as root into CUCM. 


If you don’t have the needed certificate(s) reach out to TAC, they should be able to help you out with providing the required certificate(s). If I remember correctly the certificate(s) should be in the tomcat trust store.

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I am planning to work with TAC on this next week. Thanks!


Note that this is somewhat easier than trying to collect stats from IMP (you can use the collaboration solutions analyzer for this) combined with parsing registrations from syslogs and that, however

The device has to send a message or make a call to be counted. A device that is used counts as an "active user" it doesn't tether to a user ID. If you use mobile and desktop you're two users.

It gives some ballpark which is somewhat easier than the other tools.

We have confirmed that we have the UC Telemetry settings are correct except our Organization ID is not listed correctly.  If we add the Organization ID, do the clients have to reset or does it apply this change automatically to all users with that UC Service?


Next time the client connect it should get the updated configuration.

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The clients will eventually absorb the new configuration data and then begin reporting it to the control hub.
Data prior to that point won't be available most likely, unless there's some way to have TAC change the old data based on the telemetry ID, which I don't know if they can.
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