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Jabber Voice-Galaxy S5 supported? On Sprint?

I found a cool chart on this site that reports on various models and whether or not they work. It seems to be pretty old and out of date though since Galaxy S4 isn't on there. Lat I had heard, All the Galaxy S phones were supported but it showed that there was even a difference between the same phones on different carriers. So I have 2 main questions:

1) On Sprint, is Galaxy S4 (and S4 mini) supported and does it work? I'm talking about Jabber Voice (IM seems to work on everything).

2) On Sprint, will the new Galaxy S5 work?


Is there a direct email I can use to find out this answer if no one knows here definitively? 

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 on

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 on AT&T through my company's service...  


it 'works' great for sending chats, but if you want people to be able to reach you, you are out of luck...The vibrate feature for incoming chats does not work, and the sound for incoming chats is so incredibly weak that it is nearly unusable..... at least it won't interrupt any meetings I am in....

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Never a good sign when "works

Never a good sign when "works" is in quotes. So aside from having to watch the phone in order to know you've been pinged, the IM portion works ok?


What about voice and video calling? That's the part I'm really interested in. I know the IM portion works on most if not all droids, but it's the voice/video that only works on some. If you've tried that, how are you connecting (on LAN, off-LAN via AnyConnect, off-LAN via Expressway w/o AnyConnect)?


Did you ever use it on one of the "supported" droids, like S4? If so, was it same, better, worse?



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have you looked at the

have you looked at the following link;


This is what we mention for Device requirement with jabber for android 9.6;


Device Requirements

Device Support

Cisco Jabber for Android is available from the Google Play Store.

Cisco specifically tested and supports Cisco Jabber for Android on audio and video for the following Android device and operating system combinations:
  • Samsung Galaxy SII (Android OS 4.1.2 or later)
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII (Android OS 4.1.2 or later)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android OS 4.1.2 or later)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II (Android OS 4.1.2 or later)
  • Google Nexus 5 (Android OS 4.4)
  • Sony Xperia Z1 (Android OS 4.1.2 or later)
  • Sony Xperia ZR/A (Android OS 4.1.2 or later)

The device must be able to access the corporate network in order to use audio and video capabilities.


Cisco supports Cisco Jabber for Android with tested Android devices. Although other devices are not officially supported, you may be able to use Cisco Jabber for Android with other devices.

In general, you should be able to run Cisco Jabber for Android on any Android device that meets the following minimum specifications.
Minimum requirements for IM and Presence
Android OS 4.1.2 or higher
Minimum requirements for two-way video
  •  Android OS 4.1.2 or higher
  •  1.5 GHz dual-core or higher (quad-core recommended)
  •  Display 480 x 800 or higher
  •  Cisco Jabber for Android does not support the Tegra 2 chipset



Yes, I've seen that. What I

Yes, I've seen that. What I want to know is if it's going to work with the S5 which is a brand new phone. I would think that since S2, S3, S4 are all supported and Samsung is the only one you're working closely with that it would work, too. I have no way of knowing if that information is reflecting that the S5 is not supported, if it's not updated, or if it's simply not been tested yet (which it should've been since the phone is out now). 


Ok world, never got an answer

Ok world, never got an answer so I took the chance and bought the S5. Here's the answer. Yes, it works. IM, Calling, Video, all of it. I've tested in on-LAN and via AnyConnect when off-LAN. It all works as expected, although there are some things in the app itself that could stand to be worked on. I have not yet tested off-LAN connecting through Expressway C/E without using the VPN, but I expect that will work fine.

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