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Jabber Webex Integration


CUCM 11.5 / IM&P 11.5 / Jabber 12.8


I'm trying to integrate Jabber with Webex cloud. I created a UC Service and added it to my UC Profile in CUCM. In Jabber I successfully signed in to my Webex account and in the Meetings Tab of Jabber Webex stuff has been added. At the bottom is a <Preferred way to Join> selection with "Join in Jabber" and "Join in Webex" as choices. At the top I have both a "Start Meeting" button and a "Join Meeting" button that also has a text box to enter the meeting info.


If I have "Join in Webex" selected, then "Start Meeting" works fine and the Webex session opens up in the Webex Meetings application. If I choose "Join in Jabber", the meeting starts in Jabber as expected but I get an audio message from CenturyLink via our CUCM PRI that the "Call could not be completed as dialed." and the meeting ends.


A quick look at CDR records in CUCM shows my phone extension trying to call a bogus alphanumeric string instead of a phone number. Another quick look at Jabber logs shows Jabber trying to dial a SIP URI that is the same alphanumeric string listed in the CDR record. Bingo. So that is the problem.


But what is the solution? Do I configure CUCM so SIP URI's can be properly routed or do I configure Jabber to dial a proper phone number? There is a local phone number for our Webex account but I'd rather not use up a channel on our PRI. Ideally Jabber would use our internet connection for audio like the Webex Meetings application does and not try to go through CUCM as a phone call.

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Roger Kallberg
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Do you have B2B calling setup in your system? Likely Jabber would dial a SIP uri that has the domain part set as @yourwebexdomain. For this to work CUCM at a minimum needs to be setup to route SIP uris to your Webex domain or setup to route any none internal SIP uri out via a B2B Expressway or multiple if applicable.

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Thanks for replying Roger,
I do not have B2B but I do have an MRA Expressway. It was originally for a phone-only Jabber deployment so workers could answer phone and Finesse calls from home. Once that was up and running we added IM&P and now are trying to integrate Webex Meetings in the cloud. The string Jabber was attempting to dial was 1467748579-trb-83f652. As you can see there is not even a @domain in the string so it's not even a real SIP URI.

I apologize, I was incorrect. The SIP URI that was shown in the Jabber log was
So, to be clear, CUCM CDR records show an attempted call to 1467748579-trb-83f652 but Jabber logs show an attempted connection to so Jabber is attempting to connect to a SIP URI.

If memory serves me that uri might be for a PMR. But it doesn’t really matter what type of meeting it is as it’s the domain part of the the uri that CUCM would care about when it routes the call. As said before you need to setup routing for sending these calls via Expressway to Webex cloud.

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I have just looked at this a little deeper and the number jabber is dialling is correct.

When you schedule a meeting in Webex and Jabber wants to join meeting using (jabber), the SIP uri dialled is in this format


xxxx is a randomly generated number assgined to each jabber client..

for example in my test environment..

I scheduled this meeting:



Now here is the URI my jabber endpoint dialled to join the meeting:




As you can see the SIP uri dialled is in the format I described. All you need to do as we have mentioned is configure sip route pattern and expressway to route to webex

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