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Jabber windows 9.6 - SIP URI Dilaing


Hi All,

I'm trying with SIP URI Dilaing in Jabber windows 9.6 . When i dial the URI it shown as no result found . We have configured the SIP route pattern  &  allow the "EnableSIPURI" in Jabber config file. But no luck

CUCM Version 9.1.2 .

What are the other conifguration we need to make to enable the uri dialing ?

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Has anyone faced this issue ?


I'm facing the same. I've the SIP Route Pattern working because I've tested successfuly with Cisco 9971 phone.

But with J4W 9.6 I can't just get to make the call when I write the user@domain

I've enabled the URI dialing with the jabber-config.xml

I'm trying to make calls to contacts outside the infrastructure domain. Do I need to have the contacts set for instance on the Outlook external contacts, under some special field?

Please guide,


Hi, what is your cucm sip trunk connecting to? e.g. VCS. Are you trying to initiate an audio or video call using sip uri?

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My SIP Trunk is to a Skype GW application. Non-Cisco Product but compatible with SIP.

Also, from Cisco 9971 phones I can do uri dialing to that GW.

I've CUCM9.1.2 with J4W 9.6 and when I write a contact no Jabber in format @ it doesn't show the call button. The domain is set on the SIP Route Patterns.

These contacts are not in AD or Outlook contacts.

I've enable the FQDN check box on the SIP Profile assigned to that SIP Trunk and to the Jabber clients.

Also URI dialing is enable through the Jabber-config.xml

Any hints?

Thanks, Rui

I have a further update, I have actually seen this working today so calling to other domains definitely does work and is supported.

An interesting thing I learned was that if the jabber-config.xml file is not encoded properly, then your Jabber client will not be able to parse it and it causes the issue we see, even if you have input the policy for URI dialling.

The way to test whether your XML is encoded correctly is simply try to open it in IE.  If it fails to open you have an encoding issue.  Many of these automated XML tools can cause this issue.  Better to write the XML from scratch.

Once you've done that, if IE can parse it and the XML structure appears correct, then your Jabber client should also be able to parse it.

We're updating our config this evening.  I'll post back with results.

Yes we are having the same issue right now.  CUCM 10 and Jabber for Windows 9.6

We know the SIP Route Pattern works as we are able to place calls from an E20 registered to CUCM to a remote domain (via VCS)

It would appear to be a problem with the Jabber Client.  I conclude this as when I type any URI string into the client that is not recognised as a directory URI hosted on the local CUCM, Jabber does not give you the option to call.  However try the same with a number and Jabber just dials the string.

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