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Jabber Windows--Error Server Single sign on CJ:1000:500

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HI All

I recieve the message "Error Server Single sign on CJ:1000:500" when i launch jabber on windows.

Jabber work correctly and all the user are able to log in jabbere with SSO the only issue is the warning message i described.

CUCM  IM and Presence  VER 10.5(1)SU1a

Jabber version 10.4, tried also 10.6





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Thomas Scheible
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Any solutions? We have this Problem too.

Have you tried to verify configuration of AD FS with this guide:

Are there any non default settings you use? Any additional information you can provide to your setup?

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i have the same problem.

cucm version is,

cups version is

unity connection

and i tested it with jabber 10.6(2).

single sign on works for alle tomcat websites.

single sign on works for jabber internal.

single sign on works for jabber outside through expressway, but with this warning message and voicemail is not working from outside the company.


in the jabber logfile i see only: Setting health of Voicemail to Unhealthy

in expressway logfile i see:

2015-04-28T17:36:35+02:00edgeconfigprovisioning: Level="ERROR" Event="Edge SSO" Service="SSO" Detail="Authorization failed" Dst-ip="" Dst-port="32539" Local-ip="" Local-port="22111" Reason="Invalid response code from authorization server: expected 200, got 401" username="username" UTCTime="2015-04-28 15:36:35,357"

oh i found that unity connection needs to be at least 10.5(2) for that feature...