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Samuel Womack

Mac OS X Client Date?

Is there an anticipated date for a WebEx Connect Client for Mac OS users besides the Web Interfaces?  I would love to start video etc etc without having to Run VMware/Parallels (iChat to normal Connect Client doesn establish video)...


Hmmm. The Jabber client works flawlessly on Mac OS 5.X linking into WEBEX CONNECT so having a Firefox or Safari IM plugin for WC IM seems rather redundant.

Not sure why anybody would pursue writing an IM Plugin when a $30 Jabber IM app fully integrates back to the WC IM Server at Cisco quite nicely.

Having to run Windows XP in VMWARE window is horrible.

Very weird how these development decisions are made.

Well lets hope for end of 2010 Client for Mac OS.



Zoltan, do you have an update on the availability of browser based WebEx Connect for Mac? I have looked everywhere, but I can't find a reference to it or a description on how to set it up or how to use it. Any information would be useful.



Hi Zoltan, can you please post the details on the browser based Web Ex Connect client you mentioned was launching in May / 2010.  If it hasn't launched yet, can you update us?  Also for a Mac, is cisco still tracking end of year launch?  My business just rolled over to WebEx connect and has a large contingent of Mac users who are now in the dark.  Thanks - Mark

Hi Folks, sorry for the delayed response.

The browser based client is available today.  You can access it at:

The browser based client uses the same login credentials as your windows client and it's available to you at no additional cost.

Mark, the Mac client has been pushed back a little and is tracking to end of the first quarter of the 2011 calendar year.


I tried my connect login with this browser URL (Firefox  3.6.8 on my PC) and I keep getting "Problem connecting to server". On my thick client it works just fine, I am not the administrator for this site so any thoughts what might be causing this issue



Hi Srini - are you on the latest version of WebEx Connect, version 6.5 or higher?  Do you have SSO implemented?  Either of those two things could be causing the issue.  If you have SSO implemented, you likely have a different URL specific to you.

I am not sure on SSO but do I have connect 6.5. Our login is different from AD login. We carved out a separate domain for this purpose.


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The best suggestion is for you to contact Tech Support for assistance so they can get more specific information in regards to your account and assist you in a much more timely manner.



Hi Zoltan,

I just noticed your post on the availability of the browser based client for Mac OS X, and wonder if it's also available for Guest Edition WebEx Connect users.



Hi Jesus,

The guest edition is still on our old 5.x platform so unfortunately the browser client will not work with it today.  We'll upgrade that guest edition client in the future but I don't have a committed date for that just yet.

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