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Mail Address instead of samAccountName


We use the mail adress instead of the samAccountName. We have the same situation and the same issues as many others with this setup.

Did someone solve the fallowing problems?

* We set the option "Enable use of Email Address when Federating" on CUP.

How should the value of the proxyAddresses AD-Attribute look (internal use)?

      Like: username@mail.domain@company.domain

      OR LIke: username@mail.domain

And how should the value of a protocol handler look (internal and external use)?

      Example of the handler "im:"

      Like: im:username@mail.domain@company.domain

      OR LIke: im:username@mail.domain

We have more then one mail domain. But just one chat domain*. Something like and user2@mail.domain.two@chat.domain

- Has this setup known problems or difficulties?

- is a copy of the dns SRV record in all mail domains enough to communicate with externals?

*Am i right?

- One CUP cluster topology = one chat domain

- One CUCM Cluster = one CUP cluster topology

Thx for any feedback and for sharing experience

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I presume you are syncing the mail attribute into CUCM as the userID. Which in turn syncs down to CUP.

If the above is true, then your IM address is: email@domain.

All references to the IM address should then be: username@mail.domain@company.domain.

"Enable use of Email Address when Federating" is only applicable when doing federation.


- Colin

Hi Colin

Yes you are right. We are syncing the mail attribute.

So far - no more issues? We have different mail domains and we can use the same chat domain? Looks a little bit funny when you have normaly an other domain suffix. But sounds great and very confortable for me as admin.

And for federation, example with Google Talk, we have to set in both mail domains a SRV record target to the same CUP Cluster.

Greetings Phil

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