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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


Message button not working for SCCP Phones

hello there


i have installed CUCM version and Unity version Version


both the application are integrated using SIP. i did all the configuration for voicemail(Route list, Pattern, VM Pilot, VM Profile).


issue i am facing is when i press the message button of any SCCP phones(7942, 6921 & CIPC) it does not work. however the same works with SIP phones(7821).


to isolate the issue i did SCCP integration with Unity as well. but still the same. works with SIP phone and not with SCCP phones.


Can someone help me to find the cause of this issue. i checked the logs but did not found any event triggered when i press the message button.


SCCP Phone version: SCCP42.9-4-2SR3-1S

SIP Phoen version: sip78xx.11-7-1-17

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Re: Message button not working for SCCP Phones

The messages button is a speed dial to the voicemail pilot configured in the voicemail profile, which is in turn applied to the phone.

At the worst you'd get a call failure because of something like MTP for DTMF or whatever, but, if nothing happens when you press it, it is probably not configured in whatever VM profile is applied to the phone.
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Re: Message button not working for SCCP Phones

So the log file of the 7942 SCCP phone itself shows no entry when the Messages button it pushed? What about the other buttons (like Directory or Services) do those work?

I think you may be running into a TLS compatibility problem with the legacy phones and the HTTP vs. HTTPS mappings for the Messages button in the Enterprise Parameters. Take a look at the "TLS Restrictions" section in:  Security Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 12.0(1)



Re: Message button not working for SCCP Phones

Thanks Maren for the reply.


Yes the log files does not contain any info about the message button pressed. I have open a case with cisco and waiting for their response on this. i will put the findings from TAC for this issue.

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