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Moving from MS Exchange to Google GSuite


We are currently using Unity version 12.5.  When voicemails are received, user receives voicemail as an attachment in an email.  We're currently using microsoft exchange, but will be moving over to Google G Suite.  So, I've been tasked to get unity to send the emails to users using.


I have never set up unity from scratch, I inherited this system as is and I'm not sure where to start. User email addresses won't be changing, so it seems to me like it should all still just work the same.  But this is all new area for me, so I'm not sure.


Has anyone out there done this before, or have any insight what I should do to make this happen?  I asked TAC if this is supported, but I guess they don't support GSuite:


"For unified messaging Unity only supports Microsoft Exchange (2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016) servers or Microsoft Office 365, for G suite the only option is use accept and relay, with that option your users will receive an email notification with the wav file of the message.

You will need to set up a smart host on Unity and set the email address where Unity will deliver the notification on each user."


This is gray area for me.  We already have a smart host set up in our Unity, but it looks like you can only have one.


Any info or past experience anyone has had with this would be much appreciated.



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Re: Moving from MS Exchange to Google GSuite

No, it won't work the same, you'll lose the UM functionality and get only accept and relay functionality.

As TAC mentioned, all you would need (aside from removing all the UM config) is to configure accept and relay and your smart host to relay to gmail.



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Re: Moving from MS Exchange to Google GSuite

Thanks Jaime,

You make it sound so simple :). 

Problem is, it doesn't seem so simple to me.  I don't even know what's involved to make that happen.  We already have one smart host set up in unity, and it looks like it won't allow me to add a second one.  But at the same time, once we switch over to GSuite, I don't know if we'll even need that current smart host (I am going to confirm this with my Windows team). Do you have document or video that would give me a better understanding of this?



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