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New IMP Install - Jabber Contacts shown as "Offline"

Hello All,


IM and Presence: v10.5.2.25910-1

Jabber: v12.0.0 Build 61695

CUCM: v10.5.2.13900-12


Yesterday I got the IM and Presence server working with the CUCM Server. I was able to install Jabber onto my laptop and I was finally able to get logged in as my user (*which is like:  <my-ext>


After I got myself logged in, I configured a second user for IMP, which I use soley for testing. After I got the test user logged-into Jabber on a different PC, I was able to add that user to my contacts and I was able to see the Status of myself and the test-user (*and vice-versa from test user's jabber) in Jabber.


Today, I enabled IM and Presence of 2 of my co-workers by checking "Enable User for Unified CM IM and Presence" in their End-User config. They were able to successfully install Jabber and then they were able to login as well. They could even see their own status as Available, and when they pick up their desk phone's handset it shows as "On a Call".


However, I am unable to see the status of either of those 2 people from my Jabber, even though they are showing as logged-into Jabber. They can also do contact searches, and when they find my User, its showing as Offline to them, and they are showing Offline to me.


Any ideas what could be going on here? I am very new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated!



I believe the issue might be because the users that were added from Jabber Contacts were actually contacts found in their Outlook client. Our CUCM is not integrated with our AD servers... All CUCM End Users are "Local" users configured directly via CUCM, which is why you login with <extension>@domain... But, I still cannot find the 2 other users that I enabled for IM and Presence in Jabber...


Thanks in Advance,


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