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Persistent Chat Room Across Inter-Clustering Question

Hello Commuity, 

We are building a POC for a customer, were we're replacing the existent Webex Service for an IMP deployment. 

We have 4 clusters: NA, EMEA, APAC and India. All of them have their own IMP external databases to support Persistent Chat Rooms. The four clusters are connected using Inter-Clustering, and they connect just fine. 

Currently if I connect to either NA, EMEA or APAC Jabber client, and I create a new persistent chat room, I can see all of the locations, however from those 3 clusters I can't see the Persistent Chat Room created on India, and if I login to Jabber on the India cluster, I cannot see any of the Rooms created of the other 3 clusters, it's like India is completely isolated, really weird. 

My question is, what traces can I grab or configuration check in order to "fix it"? There's little to no documentation about this, and I'm running out of ideas, so I would really appreciate any help on this. 

I can answer any questions you may have, and I hope this helps other people with a similar issue. 

All my clusters are running on 10.5 and FQDN across the board. Also, I have a full mesh inter-clustering, meaning, on each IMP cluster I have a connection to the other 3. 

Thank you!

Cisco Employee

Hello Jorge,

Hello Jorge,

You can colect below logs to identify the issue

XCP Router

XCP text conference manager

ICSA ( inter cluster sync agent logs )


We fixed the issue, a FW was

We fixed the issue, a FW was blocking port 7400, once we open the port, the issue was resolved. 


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