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Persistent chat room administrator

Level 1
Level 1

Is it possible to create Group chat administrator who will not see or participate to the group chat?

In fact we want an administrator who is able to create a group chat and associate a moderator to the group chat.

We don t want that the administrator is able to see all the chat in a room.

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Level 1
Level 1

yes it is possible to make administrator who will be able to create a group chat, all you have to do is group policy settings.

That's pretty vague - can you elaborate?


We create persistent chat rooms on users behalf, however do not participate in the group chat and do not want to be listed on the roster.  Can we remove/hide administrators after the room is created?

I have the same question.

We need to create rooms for users, but then DO NOT want the administrators to have access to the rooms/chats.

Hi, did you obtain an answer to this as we require it as well

I have another question, we have users to can create rooms and have done so, if we turn this off, will the existing rooms be removed? 

sean Riley
Level 4
Level 4

No answer for this yet?  I have the same problem, as an admin I create the groups, but now show in the roster for all of the groups even though I have NOT joined the group.  Seems there should be a fix for this.  Anyone come across a workaround?