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Phone service not working on Cisco Jabber on Android/ios

Vibha Verma
Level 1
Level 1

Dear team

We have CUPs installed as publisher and subscriber and also VCs Controller and VCs expressway.

From outside office network, from our iphone/android, on cisco jabber phone services fail to connect. we can chat on jabber but we cant call.

Earlier it was working but now it is not.

Whereas when we ar ein office network, we are able to call from jabber on iphone/android.

There have been no chnages on vcs devices.

Only that our presence subscriber had crashed its linus, so we reinstalled it and now it is successfully working with publsiher in ha mode.

Only these phone services are badly impacted.

Please suggest.



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Vibha Verma
Level 1
Level 1

Dear CSC team

I was able to sort it out as under

VCS-Expressway had enormously high attack traffic, so lot of services in vcs-e were in hung state.

Besides that, on vcs-e, under protocol-> SIP, UDP status was turned ON, Cisco TAC suggested to turn it OFF, in order to avoid external attacks.

After that we took reboot of both vcs-e and vcs-c, and then phone services were operational.

Best regards