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Aldo Insfran

"Cannot connect to Server" jabber issue when login to Expressway-E

Hi Everybody!

I'm trying to make MRA works using Expressway + CUCM + IM&P with Jabber, in my lab. I have,


CUCM | IM&P  <--->  Expresway-C <---> Expressway-E <---> Jabber Client


CUCM: ---

IM&P: ---

Expressway-C: ---

Internal DNS:

Expressway-E: ---



There is no firewall between Expressway-C and E, they are just in two different vlans connected to a layer 3 switch,

Traversal Zone between Expressway-C and E is active,

CUCM Zone in Expressway-C is also active,

Traversal CUCM Zone between Exp-C and E active as well,

I also loaded these records to the external DNS server: 86400 IN SRV 10 10 1720 86400 IN SRV 10 10 1719 86400 IN SRV 10 10 5060 86400 IN SRV 10 10 5060 86400 IN SRV 10 10 5061 86400 IN SRV 10 10 3478 86400 IN SRV 10 10 8443 86400 IN A

When going to Status>Unified Communication on both C and E, they show CUCM and IMP services configured

When I try to login with the jabber client for windows and android through the Expressway-E it show the message

"Cannot connect to Server", after give a pop-up windows saying that Jabber cannot accept the certificate provided by Expressway-E

However if I try to connect from the internal network to the CUCM IM&P everything works good,

I even tried to call from a C20 through the Expressway-E to a E60 registered to  CUCM and it succeded,

I attached the Jabber report for the error, and the jabber-config.xml


Do you have any clue why is this not working or how to troubleshoot this?

Any help will be appreciated,

Paul Stojanovski
Cisco Employee

Since your CUCM and IM & Presence servers are in a different domain than your Collab Edge record you'll need to follow this guide:


In a nutshell,

1) Add the following records to your "INTERNAL" DNS Server:

  SRV Record: '' on port 8443 to A record ''
  SRV Record: '' on port 8443 to A record ''
  SRV Record: '' on port 8443 to A record ''
  SRV Record: '' on port 8443 to A record ''

2) Add both domains to the Expressway-C

3) VoiceServicesDomain parameter set within the jabber-config.xml file to the external domain:

4) For seamless login you'll continue to use The VoiceServicesDomain parameter above will invoke the proper SRV lookup logic.



Thanks for your advise Paul!, I'll make those changes tomorrow on my lab,

I'll let you know the results...

hi guys,


I had the same issue and Paul gave me right direction.

I followed his link with that configuration example and in my case I haven't configured 2 different domains at VCS Expressway - one for external domain, another for internal domain where IM&P resides. it was first mistake, second was DNS misconfiguration decribed in previously mentioned configuration example.


Bad news, :(

Now my internal DNS server has the following,

And the external DNS server,

The Expressway-C has both domains;

The jabber-config.xml file includes the line:



Expressway-C shows;

Expressway-E shows;

When I use the external DNS  server as the DNS server for my PC, it can resolves the _collab-edge server record,

But, when I try to login, it shows this error message,

"Unable to find the services..."

If I load manually the expressway-e IP address,

Then the error message is different,

"Unable to connect to the server..."

Looking at the Expressway-E log messages I found, is the IP of my PC, it shows http 403 forbidden, but I'm not sure if that error correspond to the event of login attempt,

How may I continue troubleshooting this? I thing it should work...


Place in the actual server name with its domain.

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