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Spark Board 55


I need help, my company has purchased a Cisco Spark Board 55. When it was handed to maintenance for wall mounting, the screws that go on the back of the spark board could not be found. When I originally opened the box, inside of it I found a long box marked #1 and a smaller square box marked #2 along with the board. The metal wall mount was in box 1 with the manual and in box 2 are the cords. I don't know what happen to the screws but I need them, I have tired calling re sellers and they refer me to Cisco I called Cisco and they refer me to a re seller. I just need to know how to get the bag of screws. Some one please help me I just need the screws!


The person that does all of our ordering is on an extended vacation so i don't have the purchasing info, or our Cisco information but all I need is 4 screws that cannot be found in a hardware store. PLEASE HELP ME I JUST NEED SCREWS!!!!

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Customer Service (CS) would need to fix this if you are missing what was supposed to ship.The mounting bolts come in the same package as the wall mount, not in the box that has the cabling and the styluses.

I am not sure whether you mean the Board's mounting bolts, or if you are expecting the wall mount to come with screws to affix it to the wall. If it is the latter, we don't provide them and you'll have to contact a hardware store.

Note, I am not an expert on this subject, just asked a co-worker for the details.


Thank you for your answer. To clarify it is not the bolts to hold the wall mount into the wall, what I need are the 4 screws that go into the spark board and clip into the wall mount. I have checked all the boxes from the wall mount box, cable box and every crevasse in the Styrofoam that hold the board in place and I cannot find the screws. So the only thing I can say is that they never came. I have tried calling CS and they just send me to the third party Cisco veder and the vender sends me back to Cisco. Any help you can provide would be great, as I would hate to RMA a perfectly good Spark board and since I no longer have the original box shipping it back would be a nightmare.


Are you referring to these bolts on page 10?…

I cant help you yet - but identifying what you need, first is important.



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I have not yet seen or installed the Spark kit. Another message from Pashish linked to docs to identify the screws.

My guess was metric machine bolt M8 bolts screwing into the back of the monitor that would secure the wall mount bracket to the monitor, usually M8 in flavor and less than an inch so they don`t bottom out in the monitor threads.

They usually do not come with the monitor but may come with the wall mount kits the vendor often orders (which vary-wildly with the type desired for each individual installation - flush mount, scissor-mount, swing-out, adjustable angles, etc.)

Identify what you need and go from there. Good luck.


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I know that this is an old thread, but the parts he needs are SPBOARD-WMK-SCRW=


See page 7:


If I understand your problem correctly, you are in need of the 4 bolts securing the monitor to the VESA mounting bracket kit for the wall?

A trip to your local hardware store for (I think) M8 (metric sized) bolts should do the job. A careful read of the handbook data sheet for the monitor may mention the size and depth of screws needed for the VESA-standard mounts.

Check the size and depth needed, perhaps 15-25cm (less than one inch), and probably 20 or 24 turns per inch.

One other tactic is to plan for two trips to the store: First to get EVERYTHING likely necessary to complete the task, the second trip is to return the unused parts and get a refund.

If this is all you need to complete the job and up and running then $4@hardware store may be faster/easier in the end than going through standard channels.


You do have a wall mount kit to secure the TV to the wall? Standard brand here is "Chief" AV mounting kit, several flavors available from stores that sell large screen TV`s. Chief XSM1U Fixed Wall Display Mount, Fusion X-Large Micro-Adjustable, 250 lb Weight Capacity, 26.25" H x 42…

In the box are often a selection of lag bolts if you have wooden studs on the wall. Or, if drywall, I would recommend SnapToggler BB Anchor Bolts, which require drilling 1/2" hole through drywall, set the anchor. Each anchor can hold a couple hundred pounds, but 4-6 should be more than enough for a mount kit and 55" display.

TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE BB Toggle Anchor, Zinc-Plated Steel Channel, Made in US, 3/8" to 3-5/8" Grip Range, For 1/4"-20 UNC F…

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