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Saqib Ali

Support for ChromeOS / Chromebook?

What is the ETA for Webex Meetings client for ChromeOS / Chromebook?


It's time for WebEx to work on the Chromebook.  I've gone ahead a made the decision to provide Chromebooks to my employees and we've limped along using Skype and Hangouts but it's time for us to switch to a more professional, reliable and standardized Web Conferencing software.  It's time.

Cisco please get on board with html5. I was considering investing in show and share but the specs say the viewer needs flash and the java client. Which kills it on both iOS devices and chromebooks (no java client). You guys are ahead in so many areas but this client dependence on a traditional OS that you keep doing is hurting us and you.

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Hello Melody,

Any updates on this?


ok now that Google is planning to completely block Java based in Chrome in general, shouldn't this become a priority for Cisco?



Any news ?

Both Google and Cisco love the expectation

It would be great to say, yes or no, but I guess they are wating for a lot of people asking for this



It's been a long wait...and the silence is deafening.

Assuming that a actual availability date is in the "too hard" category, can anyone at least provide a ray of hope that we will eventually see an HTML5-compliant version of WebEx that will run on ChromeOS?

Adam Klimko

It has been about a year... any updates, Cisco team?

Cisco Employee

WebEx support for the ChromeOS/Chromebook will come in the form of the new WebEx Browser-based Meeting Experience.  This will allow users to join WebEx meetings using their browser (with no downloads or plugins to install), including Chromebook.

The new WebEx Browser-based Meeting Experience is currently being beta-tested internally. Our first limited-availability production release for select customers will begin this summer.  (General availability is currently targeted for later this year (though the schedule is subject to change).)




With that being said any chance Cisco could correct this then? Table states one can neither send or receive video for Chromebook. I posted to fix this on the partner side for over a few months but no change.

But then you have this section that states "Attendees who join from Chromebook cannot view other participants' videos, but they can turn on their own video. If you need to video other participants' video as well as turn on your own video"

shimathu mkee lustewar, dpond

Any updates on WebEx for ChromeOS / Chromebooks? Is that available now?


Yes it is caveats are explained here



skilambi, do we have to enable anything on WebEx domain to enable support for Chromebook/ChromeOS?

If your site is at the right version, then when you join a WebEx next to the join button you should see a join via browser option. If you don't you may want to contact Cisco to see if you can be on the latest train.


I am running a Google Pixel 2 LS, on the ChromeOS Dev Channel, and am able to run Android Apps on Chrome.  I currently have Spark, Jabber and WebEx running fine using the Android applications.

I have a number of other Android Apps running as well, and i have not had any major issues with any of the Apps I have loaded from Google Play.

Getting access to Google Play on ChromeOS is currently only available on the Pixel 2, Asus Flip and Acer R11 Chromebooks....and only by running the latest builds from the Dev Channel.


Jeff Hatch

Orange Business Services

thanks jeff-hatch. we will have to try this out.      

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