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Switching from headset to speaker phone during call?


Does anybody know when it will be possible to have multiple audio devices configured in Jabber for windows and swithc between them during calls?

I am thinking about the functionallity that you have today in CIPC, where you have one button for headsett and one for speaker phone.

When I was at Cisco live this year I heard talk about it comming but I need to know when.

Anybody know anything?

Thank you.



Mark Congiusta
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Alex.

This is a feature that we doe eventually plan on adding to Jabber but it is not currently scheduled for any specific release.


L Epp

I would like this, and I'm sure many others would as well.

The only thing keeping a physical phone at my desk is the lack of speakerphone functionality in Jabber. Thanks!


This is more user friendly now.

If you have multiple USB audio devices connected to the computer you can push the answer button on these to move the sound.

I have noticed big differenses from vendor to vendor how stable this is. so far, Plantronics and Logithech are the ones I have the best experience with, Jabra not so much, it is more unstable and depends on what model you hav connected.

This helps much but i still would like the big buttons we have in IP communicator :)



I do have Jabra headset that I use primarily and it works very well. It would be nice to have a speakerphone button/functionality in the application that I could associate to my laptop's speakers and microphone. That way I could seamlessly switch back and forth between headset and speakerphone just like a real phone.

I could probably do this with a 3rd party solution like getting the Jabra speakerphone device and handling it through the Jabra Control Center. But  it doesn't make sense to spend hundreds of dollars on a separate speakerphone device when the equipment is already all right there.

Or am I completely missing something?


No I agree.

And it would be more user-friendly to have it in the software. My users are already using this function in IP Communicator so the transition to Jabber whould be more easy.

But I am just happy that i can now move the sound using the buttons on the external hardware, before, even this was not possible.

One step forward also is in Jabber for windows 10.6 you have a shortcut from the converstaion window to the audio settings. Helps some but nothing comparing having this pre-defined and different buttons to click in the software.