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System Messages interfering with Announcements in a Spark Room


Regarding Announcement Mode in a Spark Room, System messages (such as "Admin Bot removed David Robertson from this team. 12:19 PM") still appear in a space even if I set a room to "Announcement Mode." Is there a way to remove or suppress these messages? This seems counter-intuitive as my announcement would get pushed further and further up the message chain due to these system messages, requiring users to scroll up, or else they may miss the announcement altogether. See the screen shot example attached.

This seems to be a major design flaw. If anything, only the moderators should see these types of system messages, or they should be logged elsewhere. Is this at all configurable? Is this being worked on?

Thank you!


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Rising star
Rising star

Hi, David,

Thank you for your feedback. I encourage you to send your comments and feature requests directly to the Cisco Spark engineering team via your app.

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Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities

Okay, thank you! I will do that.

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