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TelePresence interoperability with Microsoft OCS 2007

Has anybody employed the Cisco TelePresence interoperability with Microsoft OCS 2007 and how does it work in practice ?

Besides the Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 3500 Series MCU is the Cisco Unified Videoconferencing Manager (CUVM) needed ?

How many ports does a TelePresence interoperability session statically reserve on the MCU ?


Thank you Mario & kitopits.


It is the MXE 5600 which will allow calls to TP, not 3000 version - sorry for confusion

Also I have asked the BU TME team and the answer is that MOC/OCS and TP integration is only supported

with CUVC product, or you would have to replace the call control on MOC with our new CUCiMOC

software and disable the RT/MOC MSFT original call processing.


I really  appreciate your help, but  actually now i am confused

which of the following product is needed to do the integration :

MXE 5600





Sorry for the confusion.   MXE (5600) does NOT support MOC, and will not work for this application.  The solution from Cisco for connecting a TelePresence system to a MOC client is with a combination of THREE products - CTMS, CUVC 5xxx, CUVC-M.

Please check with your ATP partner.  If you are an ATP partner, please use the mailer   We can not post technical details on a public forum.



Clear as sun

thank you very much


Sorry, I mean MXE 5600  not 3000



I'm a bit confused here too.

We are trying to interop between Telepresence (CTS 3000) and OCS/MOC, but we do not understand how to make this work. The documentation is not clear on this point (we think).

We have the following systems:

CTM and CTMS 1.6

CUVC 7.1

CUVC-M 7.1

CUCM 7.1.3

Do we have to wait for CTM 2.0 to have a conference between Telepresence and MOC?

We can have a conference with Telepresence, CUPC, VTA, Tandberg and we can have a conference with CUPC, MOC, Tandberg, but we have not been able to have a conference with Telepresence and MOC.

Does anybody have any comments or ideas for us?



All interoperability with OCS requires CUVC.    This is not a Cisco Telepresence issue.    TelePresence rooms connect to CTMS, which connectes to CUVC.  CUVC is running a transcoded meeting that allows any device supported by CUVC to join the same meeting.

Also, this is NOT a forum for tech support from Cisco for TelePresence - there are no support people montioring these discussions.  Support for customers is provided by your ATP.  Support for ATP is provided by another method.

Hope this helps,



I know that this is no tech support and that both OCS and CTMS need to talk to a CUVC.
I'm sorry if my explanation was confusing.
I was hoping to reach someone that had played with the same setup and maybe could share some experience.
But I appreciate the feedback.


Just One more Question. Which Ex-Tandberg components can be used in this MOC -CTS scenario instead of the Combo of cuvc 5xxx and cuvc-Manager? Or more abstract: It does not make sense either technical nor finacial to deploy a transcoding solution per Endpoint Technology. So is there a single solution or Final recommendation for an interop of cisco CTS on one hand and - moc - cucimoc - Tandberg Endpoints (immersive Room and Desktop) - Cuva / Video enabled 99xx Phones On the other? Will a Combo of CTMS and MSE8000 /TP Server work?


For now as these products merge and become better integrated, you need CTMS for TPx multipoint. On the other side TP server can handle legacy end points, Tandberg etc and tie into TP end points for multi point connectivity. VCS will be used for registering your traditional video end points (Non CTS, Tandberg etc). For pt to pt video between CTS and other end points you need the MXE 5600 for now. In the future this will be better integrated in CUCM. CUCIMOC uses CUCM for audio/video which can then either dial into the TP server and then be bridged into the multi point call.

TP server provides maximum flexibility with active presence, TIP support etc. CTMS+MXE5600 provide Multipoint but voice activated and also Pt to Pt dialing between CTS and other end points. CUVC is the least preferred solution. See attached screen shot. Biggest issue is One Button to Push is not available on the TP server


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