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Two Jabber Instances can't detect eachother's SIP registration / Drop calls


Hi all,


A lot of my users have jabber open in two places. In most cases, the jabber instances can detect eachother and shutdown voice calling on one of the two instances. IE swapping the feature between the two.


I have a few clients that apparently are not able to do this, and because of this each jabber client periodically gets a 481 "subscription does not exist" message from CUCM back and forth between the two clients. This causes calls to drop after 5-20 seconds.

Here is the scenario:






CUCM 1    CUCM 2



1. PC-A and PC-B have jabber open, I want to set voice calling on PC-A but it is on PC-B. I turn on "Use my computer for calls" on PC-A and I get prompted if I want to take the role from PC-B. Once I accept, I can now make calls on PC-A and no longer make calls on PC-B.


The above is expected behavior.


2. Same scenario as above with PC-A and PC-C, however in this case both seem to have the ability to make calls and they both keep dropping calls until one of them is logged out.


3. Interestingly enough PC-B and PC-C work as intended (same as A and B)


I have taken some captures and see with scenario 1 and 3 that the jabber client actually receives a 'forbidden' message, allowing it to be aware of the other client. After this the client is smart enough to take the voice role. With scenario 2, no such forbidden message is sent, and I see a lot more '200 OK' messages than I should along with the 481 message mentioned earlier.


I have verified there is no firewall blocks at all between any of the three clients and the two CUCM servers. What am I missing here?


All jabber clients are the same version.

PC A: Windows 10 x64

PC B: Windows 10 x64

PC C: Windows 7 x32


Mark Swanson

Are you using CSF or CCMCIP?

Do users have a separate profile/device/extension for deskphone and softphone, or do they use the same one?

And, what's the possibility of these users 'accidentally' closing the chat window when there's an active call?


Also, when do users notice this problem? During internal calls, external calls or all calls?

Are you using SIP from end-to-end or is there another protocol?

If external, what's the IOS version on your gateways?

Error 481 might be caused by the gateway if you're using sip-kpml.

Sorry for the late reply. Turns out this was a problem with our jabber version running on our clients. We upgraded to 11.9.1 and that fixed the issue.



Glad to hear that. What version did you upgrade from?

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