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Unable to Externally Register Phone Services on Cisco Jabber Client via Expressway E


I have currently deployed Cisco Jabber along with Expressway C and E for external regeneration without VPN. I have successfully registered IM and Presence service externally on the internet and I am able to chat with other Jabber users.


I am not able to register phone services for Cisco Jabber client who are registering externally over the internet without VPN.


I have checked that all the users are able to use IM and Presence along with Phone services in the internal network and over the internet using VPN. I have configured the required DNS SRV records on both the internal and external DNS Servers.

I am attaching a screen shot of the Jabber Client that is registered over the internet along with this post for your reference.

Appreciate if you can share your thoughts on the same.

Please do let me know if you need any further informaiton.

Thank you.


Joseph Chirayath.

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Have you resolve this issue?

Have you resolve this issue? I still haven't found the resolution

Check if the SRV records are

Check if the SRV records are properly created on both the External and Internal DNS servers.


I was able to fix the issue

I was able to fix the issue when I added TCT/BOT device and associate with end user. When I checked the status of CSF device using expressway its showing unregistered and TCT device showing registered. When the client connects internally CSF device showing registered. 


following as I  have the same

following as I  have the same problem...


I am testing with an android

I am testing with an android device, and I had to add a "digest user" on the BOT device in order for this to work. Phone services are now connected.


Hi Guys, Any solution for

Hi Guys,


Any solution for this problem?

I am having same issue



Hi, Even I am facing same



Even I am facing same issue. Over the internet I clients are getting IM service but not Voice services.

Some one suggested me to try login in internal network first and check. This is to pull Jabber-Config.xml file from CUCM.



Is it necessary that Jabber Client has to login internally first ?




Hi Sanket, In my problem

Hi Sanket,


In my problem issue was that our ISP was blocking SIP ports (5060, 5061). So what we did is change the SIP TLS port to 7061 which rectified the issue. 


Easiest way to trouble shoot this is to telnet to 5061 port in Expressway E from internet

In my experience it is not necessary to login first time from internal





To log internally would check

To log internally would check if your user/device works and may be required if you´re using Secure SIP Profile (for TLS on internal network) to download the CAPF.

Another issue can be the fact to use dual domains (one outside and another inside)


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