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Unable to get WebEx Productivity tools to connect to on premise servers

Robert Reid

I  have some users that are now unable to connect to our on premise WebEx server using the Productivity Tools.  They were able to connect previously.

When they try they enter the site URL and click next, Windows prompts about a Website redirection which we answer yes, then the message "We've hit a glich in connecting to the server. Try a little later."  These same users from the same computer are able to logon to the webpage and use the Meet Now function in Jabber.    The user is inside our network.

I have tried this on other computers and do not have any problems. I need to find a solution that does not include reinstalling the productivity tools.

We have CWMS version and the users having the issue are using Windows 7.



Were you able to find a solution for this issue? I have the same issue on version 2.7

YEs we actually opened a TAC case and the resolution unfortunately is to reinstall the tools.

I think I stumbled onto the solution for us, it seems that our problem is with TLS during login, I found a document about it here:

Thanks for responding so quickly.

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