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Unable to login with Webex Connect and internal VCS simultaneously on Jabber for iPad

Our users have downloaded the Jabber 9.1 client for their iPad, and we have Webex Connect accounts for IM, as well as internal VCS, TMS, Jabber Video accounts, and VCS Expressway. They install the client on the iPad, select corporate accounts, then go into Webex login information. They enter their credentials, go ahead and log into Jabber and see their contacts. On that screen, there is a box that says "set up Voice and video calling" so they click that, then go to Voice and Video calling, but the only thing thye can select is Jabber for Telepresence. They cannot select VCS on this screen, which would let them go into the VCS internal settings, etc. So if they select jabber for Telepresence, it asks for a username and password but that is it's trying to register them to the free Jabber Video cloud. Is there some step we are missing?  We ultimately want our users to be logged in with their Webex Connect accounts for IM, and have the video portion of the Jabber client pointing to our internal VCS Control.