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Use of Email Address when Federating - No Presence!

Ok, I have enabled this feature to eventually federate externally.  In doing so, I have lost presence to internal users. 

When i lookup any user, it of course has their email address as their IM address.  When i look myself up, it has my samAccountName@domain as my IM address.

I know the system will drop these requests when they don't 'line up' From the interdoamin guide:

Information to Provide to Cisco Unified Presence Users

When you turn on email address for federation, you must notify all Cisco Unified Presence users of the following:

Federated contacts will now use email address rather than the user_id@domain address.

When adding new  contacts to their contact list,      federated contacts must now use the  email address for Cisco Unified Presence users, rather than the  user_id@domain.

Existing  Cisco Unified Presence contacts (on the federated watcher's contact  list) that were added with user_id@domain must be removed, and added  again using the email address for the Cisco Unified Presence user.

Any  messages that Cisco Unified Presence receives from federated contacts  to the user_id@domain address will be dropped (unless it happens to be  the same as the email address configured in Active Directory, and the  address configured in the users table on Cisco Unified Presence).

If Cisco Unified Presence users already have federated contacts on  their contact list, when these users sign in to the client again, the  federated contact may get a pop-up containing the email address.

I have readded my contacts etc.

One little tidbit, we do have the SipUri (msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress) field populated in AD with the  person's email address (we are a Lync shop, for now)(no interdomain fedration going on either).

Not sure if that has anything to do with it, but..

With that, I have also configured an XML file to look at that field for finding contacts:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<config version="1.0">




My environment:


Jabber 9.1.0 Build 12296

CUCM (LDAP integrated)

What am I missing or what is going on?

Thanks in advance!

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