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Video From Jabber for Windows not Displaying on 9971

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Hello Everyone,

I have configured jabber for windows and have already got all of its functions working in an on-premises enviroment with CUPC 8.5

But I'm having problems when i call from my jabber client (softhphone mode) to an IP Phone 9971, when I make the call, de audio and video is ok on my jabber client, but in the 9971, only the audio works, video from my computer is not shown at all and the screen only turns black, this problem is only present in this 9971 phones, I have made video calls from my jabber to EX60 and 8941 endpoints, and the video works fine

I would really appreciate any help in this matter



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I have the same issue in two of my sites. I perfomed the below mentioned steps in both sites and it resolved the issue of 9971 and jabber for windos video issue one of the sites.

Jabber for Windows  introduced Video rate adaption.   This allows Jabber to negotiate the optimum video quality based on network conditions. When rate adaption is being used you'll see the client upscale the video experience during the start of the call.

To guarantee an optimal  video experience when Jabber is interoperating with your other Video devices you must enabled RTCP on UC manger.Enabling RTCP will allow optimal video adaptation to occur.    This is disabled by default and can be enabled in the following way.

On the UC manager administration interface

Select Device/Device Settings/Common Phone Profile (or other profile if you apply a different profile 89/99xx devices)

Confirm the setting for RTCP* is set to enable

This setting can also be overridden in the device specific settings under the "Product specific Configuration Layout"

Again, confirm RTCP* is set to enabled.   Note, not all device expose the RTCP setting at a device level.

Settings RTCP to enabled will allow video adaption to take place.

Try it, if this works.

Yes, that did solve the problem!

Thanks a lot for the help! and the quick response too!

Hi, your trick don't resolve my issue.

i have 9971 on ucm 9.0.1 with presence 9 and jabber for windows 9.1.3

video calls are made when 9971 call jabber but there's not video when jabber call 9971

i have enabled rtcp on common phone profile and device but not solved

have you any ideas??


did you find out a solution for this 

i have 9951 phone video show on it,but on jabber i see nothing

Jason Aarons
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Level 6

I'm running Jabber for Windows 9.2.6 and having this problem as well with softphone calls to a 9971 that is across a SIP trunk running CME 9.1 IOS 15.2(4)M.  if I make a call from Jabber Softphone to a 9971 on my CallManager it works fine.  Is there a CME/9971 setting for RTCP?