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Video in desk phone mode cucm/cups 8.6.x

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I am running jabber 9.x with cucm and cups sitting at 8.6.x, all seems to be good except the fact that we can't do video calls when Jabber is in desk phone mode. What could be issue and what is the best possible way to troubleshoot this, also I noticed in connection status that desk phone video service isn't green.

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Chris Deren
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what is the desk phone model? Is this a video phone, i.e. 9971, 8945, etc?


It is not a phone it is one of the modes on Jabber client

Desk phone mode means you are controlling a desk phone via Jabber via CTI. Is this not what you are doing?


I have the same problem with CUCM 9.x and cups 9.x.

And yes we are controlling our phones via CTI. I thought the call can be made with the deskphone and Cisco Jabber shows the video if the deskphone has no video function, but the service does not connect. What do we need to get that the service running?

Do you install the Cisco media Service Interface?

Yes Cisco Media Service Interface 4.0.7504 is installed.


at the Phone Level on CuCM do you Enable "Video Capabilities" in the "Product Specific Configuration Layout".

The Cisco Media Service will detect the Phone with CDP. Jabber will recognize if the Video is enabled on the Phone,

and will start the right mode.

What Phones are u running?

     If u are running 99XX and there is the Camera connected to the Phone the Video will remain on the Phone. (So u

     have to disconnect the Camera to do Video on Desktop)

     If u are running 894X it think the Video cant be change to Desktop.

Cheers Floh

Ok, I thought if I use a deskphone 79xx for the call, which is not video capable, Cisco Jabber in deskphone mode can take over just the video function.

Is that maybe a planned feature or even considered?

Hy im Running a 7961 with Jabber Deskphone Video

Enable "Video Capabilities" in the "Product Specific Configuration Layout". at this Phone


I enabled that option on our 7945.

When I call that phone from deskphone 9971 with camera, or from Cisco Jabber with webcam enabled, there is no video on Jabber Client connected to the 7945 phone. Media Interface is installed on both clients.


What does your Cisco Jabber Client show in the connection overview? Is the video service to the deskphone connected?


Is the PC behind the Phone connected (on the PC Port on the Phone)

Cause if the Phone isn't behind it wouldn't connect the DeskPhone Video

I attched my Connectionstatus