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Cisco Employee

webex connect for Iphone

Hello Folks,

Is there a Webex connect application for Iphone? i know there is one for meeting place but, do we have one for Chat on carrier n/w?



You can use a 3ed party app to send and receive WebEx Connect IM (using Jabber). The wiki about this is I use BeeJive, and the specific wiki for it is


Geez a year old request and still nothing from Cisco....

I thought the acqusition of Jabber would have created the environment to easily turn up apps for the Mac and Iphone, but I guess that isn't the case.

I would recommend putting more push on the consumer devices that are becoming more important in the business world, as others will quickly overtake and dominate Cisco in this area.

Just my two cents (CDN)


Hey Bob - we announced at Enterprise Connect that we are rolling out clients for iPhone/iPad, RIM, BB, Nokia, and Android.  These will include presence/IM/voice capabilities.  iPhone/iPad is client is targeted for the end of this CY.  We've just started beta testing it internally.  IM clients already available for BB and Nokia.

Completely agreed with you on the consumerization of the enterprise IT world.

Awesome, just let us know when we can jump on the Beta bandwagon.

Bob James

Cisco Employee

Beta is already out in the App Store.  Please search for Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone and download.  Enjoy using it!


Is there a client for the Android yet?

Jabber IM for Android is targeted for 1HCY2012.

Cisco Employee


Jabber IM for Android targeted for 2HCY12.  (NOT 1H)

> Jabber IM for Android targeted for 2HCY12.  (NOT 1H)

Dislike. Especially since our entire organization is now using Connect, and 3/4ths of us are on Droids.

Android user here. I can confirm that can use 3rd party Jabber clients to connect to Cisco Webex Connect IM service, using the (if your login is

I'm using Jabiru and it works just fine. Also use Pidgin on the PC.


You can try to use a 3rd party application on the Droid that uses XMPP.  However, you will need to modify your DNS SRV records so WebEx Connect server can communicate with non-WebEx Connect clients using XMPP by adding the following: 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5222

Then your server IP on the Droid applcation will be (if your company Domain is ILoveCisco):

Login with:


Password: *******

This is only a suggestion.  I cannot guarantee if this will work as I do not have a Droid device to test this approach.  Even if you get this to work, Cisco may not support this since you are not using a Cisco application.

Nevertheless, it's worth a shot.


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