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Webex Hybrid Calling


I have recently been deploying Webex Hybrid Calling in our organization.  I am stumped on two parts.

First, I have outbound calling working great, however when I call my DID, my on-prem deskphone registered directly with CUCM rings as normally, but my Webex Teams Client doesn't ring at all.  I as well do not see much for calling settings within the client.  For headset settings and what not..


Also, I tried registering a deskphone to the webex cloud service, the phone accepts the code, and spins on "registering" forever and I do not see it auto create within CUCM


Anyone else using hybrid calling and have any advice for me?


Thank you,


Anyone else using hybrid calling yet

Cisco Employee

Have you enabled Hybrid Calling on the user in Control Hub? If so, Can you check if there is a Cisco Spark Remote device created in CUCM with your DID assigned. This is a simple Remote destination style device that has your URI assigned to it. The call connector on Expressway server should generate this once Hybrid Calling is selected for the user account. Otherwise CH will throw an error on activation.

Figured it out, on the zone on the expressway edge TLS was failing.  Resolved that and walla calls come in.

Also found all the settings I was looking for.

Guess all that is left is why the deskphone sits.....

Were you able to determine why the deskphone will not register?  It is not clear, but I do not see any documentation that you can have a deskphone registered to the Webex Control Hub and be used as a remote phone with Hybrid Call Service for users.

I would like to see this as an option rather than requiring MRA for physical devices assigned to users.

I haven't yet, but in all honesty I haven't put much more effort into yet either.  I agree I haven't seen much for documentation on this, but have seen youtube video on it...

Interesting. Would you mind sharing the link to the video you saw? 

Overview on adding a user and registering a phone to Cisco WebEx calling. Previously known as Spark calling.
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