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Webex Meeting IVR issue


I'v noted an unespected behaviour join ing a Webex meeting using the smartphone app (Android) and the "I will call  in option" using my nation toll in number (Italy).

Expected flow:

  1. Join the meering (from calendar or url) the Smartphone open the Webex meeting App
  2. Chose "I Will call in", the app sho you the Tool number selected from the administrator (in my case Italian number), you can tap the number or chose another one from the global list
  3. Tap the italian number and the phone start the call to the IVR
  4. the IVR prompt you with a message in your local language "welcome to webex, if you want to proceed in <your local language> press 1"

here the things become tricky:

  • if you do nothing the phone automatically append the meeting ID as DTMF (i suppose) and your participant ID (even if the IVR prompt you to insert your participant ID)
  • instead if you press "1" that DTMF tone is dialed somewhere in the string that the phone is already sending and everything fail

Obviously this do not happen if you call an english number because the IVR prompt is "welcome to Webex, enter your meeting number..." and the DTMF is sent so fast that the voice prompt is interrupted in the middle.

Anyone have the same issue using your local language toll in number or is just a problem of the Italian IVR?

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